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Kingfisher 2kW Wall Mounted Halogen Patio Heater Review

Kingfisher Heat1300 Patio Heater Review
Officially the new cheapest patio heater on the market. Weatherproof and safety features galore! We’ve also given it 5 stars! Read more to find out why.

Patio Heater Deals & Discounts for August 2017

Last updated on the 5th of August! Every month we’ll be posting the best […]

Caloray 2000 Watt Electric Radiant Disc Patio Heater Review

The Caloray 2000 isn’t your everyday patio heater. Offering both convective or reflective heat, fully waterproof and easy to maintain. See how we’ve rated it and find the cheapest deals on this heater!

How much does it cost to run a patio heater?

We’re all aware that the British summer can be a fickle mistress, one night […]

Veito Blade S2000 2kW Electrical Waterproof Wall Mounted Patio Heater Review

Looking for a wall or ceiling mounted patio heater? The Veito Blade S2000 could be the perfect solution to your heating needs. Read our review and buy with confidence.