Firefly 2.1kW Electrical Ceiling Mounted Halogen Patio Heater Review

Firefly 2.1kw Ceiling Mounted Patio Heater Review
Firefly 2.1kw Ceiling Mounted Patio Heater

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      Running Costs





          • Weatherproof
          • Comes in a Variety of Colours
          • Remote Control
          • 3 Power Settings
          • Great Value for Money


          • Power Cables Are Different Lengths Between Different Models
          • Some Users Have Complained About The Hanging Chain Rusting After 1 Year of Usage

          Today we’re looking at the ceiling mounted 2.1kW halogen heater (with remote) from Firefly. Available in White, Black & Copper.

          Firefly – 2.1kW Ceiling Mounted Halogen Patio Heater Review

          Make way for Firefly! If you’re looking for a low maintenance, easy to install and cheap to run ceiling mounted patio heater, then this could just be the heater for you. Don’t just take our word for it though, it has 39 reviews on Amazon, with a current rating of 4.4 stars.

          Heating Area

          It’s advertised as providing enough heat to warm an area of approximately 9sqm which has been confirmed by 2 existing purchasers. This is approximately the size of most bedrooms. For commercial users you could comfortably heat 2 tables with 1 lamp.

          Bulb Life & Heating Type

          As with all other halogen heaters, you should expect an approximate bulb life of 5000 hours. It also provides infrared heat.

          Power Settings & Specifics

          This heater has 3 power settings. 900W / 1200W and 2100W. This helps you save energy and money!

          Unfortunately they’ve dropped the ball a bit in terms of standardising the power consumption and cable length.

          The copper and black heaters come with a 5 metre power cable, but the white version comes with a 2 metre cable. Then to make things more confusing, the silver version comes with a 4 metre power cable!

          Installation within an awning or a gazebo should be between 30 to 50cm below the ceiling for obvious reasons, and make sure there’s at least 6ft between the bottom of the heater and the floor to ensure correct operation. Don’t want to end up cooking yourself or your gazebo!


          A common problem in the patio heater market is that you’re stuck with one or two colours (usually black or chrome) and this can be off-putting if you’re looking for something that stands out. Thankfully Firefly offer this heater in Black, Red & Copper (and occasionally in silver – currently priced at £59.99 *8th August 2017*) so you have a few options to choose from.

          Features & Extras

          This is where Firefly have really gone above and beyond their competition. Not only are these heaters weatherproof rated (IP24) but they come with a handy remote control. Making these ideal for both home users and commercial users alike. All of the heaters come with a handy 50cm long hanging chain.

          Suitable For

          These heaters can be hung from the ceiling as well as from suitably sized tents, indoors, and within gazebos and awnings. As they are weatherproof that can be left out in the elements, although some users have complained that the hanging chain rusted after a year or so of use. Something to watch out for!

          Compared to other patio heaters on the market in this price range, this is a very well rounded heater, providing excellent value for money and will keep you happy for years!

          How much does the Firefly 2.1kW Ceiling Mounted heater cost to run?

          This heater uses 2.1kW on full power. We’ve done the math for you below.

          The average cost per kWh in the U.K is currently 14.7 pence. So to calculate the hourly usage we must do the following calculations:

          Heater running costs:

          2.1kW x 1 hour = 2.1 kWh x 14.7p = 30.87p
          2.1W x 2 hours = 2.1 kWh x (14.7p x 2) = 61.74p

          Full Power – 2.1kW x 1 hour = 2.1 kWh x 14.7p = 30.87p (per hour)
          Mid Power – 1.2kW x 1 = 1.2kWh x 14.7p = 17.64p (per hour)
          Low Power – 0.9kW x 1 = 0.9kWh x 14.7p = 13.23p (per hour)

          Assuming we were to use this heater for 2 hours a night every night.

          On full power (2.1kW or 2100W) our monthly electric bill will be £18.52
          On mid power (1.2kW or 1200W) our monthly electric bill will be £10.58
          On low power (0.9kW or 900W) our monthly electric bill will be £7.94

          These heaters are very economical to run!

          Is this electric patio heater suitable for home or commercial use?

          We really love these heaters and can see them being used in both a commercial and home user setting. The remote control offers commercial users remote access and home users the ability to change power settings without having to climb a ladder or turn it off and on from the wall!

          Heater Specifications

          • Cost at time of review (7th August 2017): £114.99 / £129.99
          • Type of heater: Electric, Halogen, Infrared
          • Suitable for: Home & Commercial
          • Comes with: 4-5 metre power cable, remote control, hanging chain
          • Height: 1.6m
          • Width: 50cm (base diameter)
          • Power settings: 900W / 1200W / 2100W
          • Cost to run (per hour): 13.23p / 26.46p
          • Additional: Weatherproof Rated IP24


          PatioMate’s Thoughts

          We absolutely love this heater, other users can’t fault it and neither can we. You’re getting a stylish patio heater, with remote control that is weatherproof and offers amazing value for money. It’s easy to install and comes in 4 different colours. What more could you want for just over £100?

          Final verdict – 5 / 5

          This product was reviewed on the 7th of August 2017 at the price of £114.99.


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