Electric Patio Heater Reviews & Deals

We’ve reviewed the best electrical patio and outdoor heaters available on the market so you don’t have to! Electric patio heaters tend to have the edge on gas heaters as they offer a lower upfront cost (with some of the cheapest costing just £29.99) and on-going costs can be as little as 6p per hour for models with an economy mode, up to 24p per hour at full power.

As well as being substantially cheaper than their gas counterparts, they also have a lower impact on the environment. Most models are also weatherproof, meaning you can enjoy the heat when it starts misting or the weather takes a turn for the worse.

Infrared patio heaters are particularly economical to run and energy efficient as they work by generating heat via electromagnetic waves which cause molecules to oscillate and these releases energy in a similar way that the sun works. With the key difference being they do not release harmful ultraviolet rays and cannot produce the harmful effects like skin damage and melanoma.

Halogen patio heaters are similar to infrared heaters, but work on a shortwave spectrum and required the user to be closer to the heater, providing a lower distribution of heat. As a result users can occasionally complain about a “burning scalp” sensation or experience dry eyes. We recommend that if you’re looking at a halogen heater you choose one with an oscillating feature to stave off the effects of the concentrated heat.

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