Fire Mountain 3000W Table-Top Gas Patio Heater Review

Fire Mountain 3kW Patio Heater

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        • Looks great
        • Fantastic warranty
        • Cheap to run
        • Cheap to buy
        • Safety cut-out & piezo lighting


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        Today on PatioMate we’re reviewing the 3000W Fire Mountain gas table-top patio heater

        Fire Mountain – 3000W Table-Top Gas Patio Heater Review

        Smart and stylish on a budget! This table-top patio heater is perfect for keeping warm late at night.

        High power, low cost. What more could you ask for in a patio heater?

        This stainless steel heater offers an amazing 3000W of adjustable heat. Running on propane rather than electric so make sure you’ve got a tank! Currently priced at (£89.99 as of 10th May 2017), we’re offered an affordable and stylish, yet portable patio heater which is temperature adjustable and also boasts piezo ignition and a safety cut-out feature, so you’re in good hands with Fire Mountain.

        How much does the Fire Mountain 3000W heater cost to run?

        As we’re looking at gas heaters the cost of consumption below is based on ownership of an existing gas bottle, as these can cost anywhere from £15 to £39.99 new (and empty!).

        A bottle of 13kg propane patio gas from Calor costs £32. Most modern patio heaters will use approximately 0.25kg of gas per hour at full power (3000W)

        We calculate the hourly usage as follows:

        3000W heater running costs:

        0.25kg * 52 = 13kg
        £32 / 52 hours = 0.62p

        At full power we can expect this patio heater to cost us approximately 62p per hour.
        At half power we can expect this patio heater to cost us approximately 31p per hour.

        Realistically we won’t have a table-top patio heater on full power all night, so if we assume half power for 3 hours a night we’ll get approximately 35 days of heating from 1 bottle of 13kg gas.

        So budget for a refill once every 35 days if you’re planning to use this patio heater regularly!

        Is this patio heater suitable for home or commercial use?

        Depending on circumstances this could be used in a commercial environment or a home environment but we’d recommend home users over commercial usage due to the ability to fiddle with temperatures and plugs!

        Heater Specifications

        Table-Top Gas Patio Heater - Stainless Steel
        List Price: £99.99
        Price: £99.99
        Price Disclaimer


        • Cost at time of review (10th May 2017): £89.99
        • Type of heater: Gas, Propane
        • Suitable for: Home Users
        • Weighs: Unknown
        • Comes with: Free Regulator (27mm) & Hose (190cm)
        • Height: 88cm
        • Bottom diameter: 27cm
        • Power settings: Adjustable up to 3000W
        • Features: Safety cut out, Piezo lighting
        • Cost to run (per hour):62p per hour on full power
        • Additional info: Anti-tilt safety switch, battery lighting


        PatioMate’s Thoughts

        Stylish and powerful! This offering from Fire Mountain is really an excellent way to keep warm during those cold summer and winter nights.

        Although gas is more expensive than electric, there’s nothing quite like having an authentic fire keeping you warm! We can’t fault this product at all. The assembly is incredibly easy and with the safety features and free hose & regulator, it’s the perfect starter package for those looking at table-top gas fired patio heaters.

        This product was reviewed on the 10th of May 2017 at the price of £89.99.

        We think it’s perfect so we’ve given it 5/5 stars!


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