Infrared Patio Heater Reviews

Here at PatioMate we’ve reviewed an assortment of electric infrared patio heaters and tried to provide you with all the important information in a way that’s easy to digest. You can read all the pro’s and con’s of each model, check the latest deals and compare consumption costs as well as any freebies or shortfalls each product has before investing in one.

Infrared heaters are a cheap alternative to gas heaters as they offer a more eco-friendly way of heating the consumer without wasting energy, as they heat objects rather than heating the air around you. Most of the infrared heaters we’ve looked at cost between 12 and 30 pence per hour to run. With initial purchase costs varying from £29.99 to £300+ depending on power output and settings available to the consumer. The cheaper heaters are targeted to the home user, while the more expensive ones are primarily intended to the commercial users like pubs, restaurants, wedding venues and much more.

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