No Glare Patio Heater Reviews

Looking for a No Glare patio heater for your workplace or business? We’re in the process of reviewing a number of these heaters.

These heaters are ideal for commercial environments that require the heat without the unsightliness of a halogen bulb.

Perfect for churches, offices, warehouses and even homes that need an affordable alternative to gas based heating products.

Firefly 1.8kW “Black Heat” Patio Heater Review

Firefly Black Heater 1.8kW Wall Mounted, No Glare, Weatherproof (IP55) Patio Heater Review
Read our review of the Firefly 1.8kW Black Heat patio heater. With advanced weatherproof properties, offering no-glare infrared heat and remote control operation!

Victory Lighting 2kW Ceramic, No Glare, Mountable Commercial Heater Review

A commercial patio heater that offers so much – Read our review of the Victory Lighting 2kW Ceramic Commercial Heater with no-glare, silent operation and much more.