Alfresco Heaters 2.5kW ALF25 Patio Heater

This commercial grade patio heater from Alfresco heaters is made in Ireland. It is suitable for both indoor and outdoor wall mounted installation. It comes with a standard 7,000+ hour element and offers weatherproof features! Perfect for pubs, clubs and restaurants.

Alfresco Heaters – 2.5kW ALF25 Wall Mounted Weatherproof Patio Heater Review

These advanced patio heaters from Alfresco Heaters Ltd come in 7 varieties. The ALF25, 30, 60, 80& the ALFS25, 40 & 50 series. With varying degrees of output and consumption. Keep reading if you’d like to learn more.

Heating Area

This heater is rated at 2500W but has a heating area of 6.25sqm (2.5m x 2.5m) according to the official Alfresco Heaters website.  Other heaters in this price range tend to offer 10-20sqm+ of heat as standard.

These heaters can be wall mounted or ceiling mounted as long as they’re not in a vertical position.

Element Life & Heating Type

Although the heating area of the ALF25 isn’t amazing, this is where the Alfresco Heaters really shine. Using a patented quartz element to emit near instant medium wave, infrared heat, these elements will last in excess of 7,000 hours.

Replacement elements start from £84.61 for a standard 2.5kW element up to £127.34 for the “gold element” upgrade. The gold elements offer 20% more radiant heat than the standard element.

Power Settings & Specifics

No adjustable power settings.

These heaters run at the stock 2.5kW setting, drawing a meagre 10.5 amps. They are very much a plug-and-play type heater, with a 3-metre power cable and 3-pin pre-wired plug included.

Power information: 220-240V


This compact heater measures in at 99 x 22 x 20cm – it available in a standard silver, or for an extra fee you can buy them in white or black.

We quite like the stainless steel look but for those of you that want this specific heater to match your existing decor, the option is available.

Features & Extras


Weatherproof Rating

This heater comes with an ingress protection rating of IPX4

Solid rating X – no protection from solids.

Liquid rating 4 – protection from splashing water in all directions. Traditionally manufacturers would not recommend running these heaters in the rain, however, the following is taken from their Amazon listing – “Tested IPX4 is suitable for use in case of rain.”

Suitable For

Commercial users for both indoor and outdoor operation. Great for pubs, clubs, restaurants and any hospitality events.

How much does the Alfresco Heaters 2.5kW ALF25 Patio Heater cost to run?

Based on the current purchase price of this heater, our pre electricity price (based on a 7,000-hour element life) is £0.035 pence per hour. This drops to just £0.012 per hour once you have replaced the element, making this a very affordable commercial patio heater.

To calculate our running costs we multiply the cost per kWh x Wattage – based on an average of 14.7p per kWh in the United Kingdom.

Heater running costs:

Full Power (2500W) – 2.5kW x 1 hour = 2.5kWh x 14.7p = 36.75p (per hour)

Assuming we were to use this heater for 9 hours per day.

Full Power (2500W) – Our monthly electric bill will be £99.23

As far as commercial heaters go, this is about what you would expect to pay.

Heater Specifications

  • Cost at time of review (13th September 2017): £250.00 – Check Latest Price
  • Type of heater: Electric, Quartz, Infrared
  • Suitable for: Commercial
  • Comes with: 3m Power Cable, Wall Mounting Solution
  • Height: 22cm
  • Depth: 20cm
  • Width: 99cm
  • Weight: 7kg
  • Power settings: 2500W
  • Cost to run (per hour): 36.75p
  • Additional: IPX4 Rated

PatioMate’s Thoughts

Alfresco Heaters 2.5kW ALF25 Patio Heater

Alfresco Heaters 2.5kW ALF25 Patio Heater

Purchase Cost


    Running Costs









            • Weatherproof (IPX4)
            • Long Element Life (7,000 Hours)
            • 2-Year Warranty
            • Rust Resistant
            • Affordable Replacement Elements


            • Lower Than Average Heating Area
            • No Other Extras

            This heater is listed at £330.00 on the official Alfresco Heaters website but substantially less on Amazon so it makes sense to buy at the cheaper price.

            It has a 2-year warranty as well should something go wrong.

            We like this heater, but there are better heaters available on the market in this price bracket that have a longer element life, come with remote activation and have better ingress protection as well as a larger heating area – we’re looking at you Veito 2000