Optima Heaters 2.8kW Blade Patio Heater

Optima Heaters 2.8kW Blade Patio Heater Review

This advanced heater comes with superior heat coverage at very affordable price. With an array of features only seen on £300+ heaters but for a fraction of the price. Keep reading to find out more!

Optima Heaters – 2.8kW Blade Wall or Ceiling Mounted Weatherproof Patio Heater Review

Updated 27th September to reflect price decrease – featured on our best wall mounted patio heaters post.

Affordable and packed with features include PIR economy mode, up to 22sqm of heat coverage, ceiling or wall mounted installation and operation in poor weather thanks to an weatherproof rating of IP55 – all of this for under £150!

Heating Area

Rated at 2800W this heater isn’t low on power and promises up to 22sqm of heat coverage with a maximum heating distance of 4-metres. Rivaling that of the Veito, Burda and Shadow series heaters. But at a fraction of the cost!

Great for home or commercial users that need an abundance of heat. With a heating angle of 130° with a tilt angle range of 30°.

Bulb Life & Heating Type

What we really like about the Optima range of heaters is the carbon fibre elements that they use. Instead of offering traditional halogen or quartz bulbs, we’re given advanced easy-fit carbon fibre elements with over 8,000-hours of life that produce instant infrared radiant heat.

Power Settings & Specifics

Unfortunately, these heaters do not come with an adjustable power setting.

When activating the economy mode, the PIR sensor will automatically shut the heater off after 4 minutes if no movement is detected, saving you money and the environment.

The power cable supplied is 1.9-metres long. With the power running at 220-240v, 50/60Hz. 3-pin British standard plug included.


This rugged heater is futuristic in design and built from anodised aluminium with a brushed silver metal finish. This means it won’t rust, which is useful considering it’s weatherproof!

Features & Extras

Are you ready to be wowed? Here we go.

The Optima Heater Blade comes with the following: Economy mode thanks to a built in PIR sensor, 8,000+ hour carbon fibre tube life, remote control operation, wall-mounting and ceiling-suspension brackets – all for nearly half the price of a Veito S2500!

Weatherproof Rating

Thanks to the advanced IP55 weatherproof rating, you can use this heater whatever the weather!

Solid rating 5 – protection from dust and solids.

Liquid rating 5 – protection from low powered water jets – this heater will run when raining.

Suitable For

Great for commercial and home users who need a high powered heater that can survive the elements. It will work both as an indoor or outdoor heater. Great for the garage and the patio!

How much does the Optima Heaters 2.8kW Blade Patio Heater cost to run?

Based on a purchase cost of £168.00 *check latest price* we’ve calculated the cost of running our heater before electricity to be just a fraction under 2-pence (£0.019) per hour. Considering the heat coverage you’re getting from this heater, it’s a fantastic deal.

The official Optima Heaters website claims an approximate running cost of 28p per hour. Based on the average price of electricity at 14.7p per kWh in the U.K.

Heater running costs:

Full Power (2800W) – 2.8kW x 1 hour = 2.8kWh x 14.7p = 41.16p (per hour)

Assuming we were to use this heater for 9 hours per day.

Full Power (2800W) – Our monthly electric bill will be £111.13

We’re not sure where they calculated the 28p figure per hour from as it’s quite far off the mark. There are some commercial power deals that charge 10p per kWh but most users won’t be using 50,000kWh+ per month to qualify.

Heater Specifications

  • Cost at time of review (31st August 2017): £149.00Check Latest Price
  • Type of heater: Electric, Carbon, Infrared
  • Suitable for: Home, Commercial
  • Comes with: 1.9m Power Cable, Remote Control, Wall & Ceiling Mounting Chains / Brackets
  • Height: 18.8cm
  • Depth: 19.5cm
  • Width: 127cm
  • Weight: 7.4kg
  • Power settings: 2800W
  • Cost to run (per hour): 41.16p
  • Additional: IP55 Rated

PatioMate’s Thoughts

Optima Heaters 2.8kW Blade Patio Heater

Optima Heaters 2.8kW Blade Patio Heater

Purchase Cost


    Running Costs









            • Superior Weatherproof Rating (IP55)
            • 2-Year Warranty
            • Cheap to Buy
            • Packed with Features
            • Remote Control Operation


            • Short Power Cable (1.9m)

            On the official Optima Heaters website, this heater is listed at £199.00 + £12 shipping. If you purchase this heater via Amazon you’ll be saving £50 (at a purchase price of £149.00 + £12 shipping)!

            With a 2-year warranty and next day delivery we absolutely cannot fault this heater. It’s affordable, replacement parts and cheap and this heater will just keep going and going!