Oypla Electric 2kW Quartz Free Standing Electric Garden Patio Heater

Today on PatioMate we’re going to be reviewing the Oypla Electric 2kW Quartz Free Standing Electric Garden Patio Heater

Oylpa Electric – 2kW Electric Free Standing Heater Review

Amazingly cheap to purchase and run!

Oypla have created an incredibly cheap, if not one of the cheapest garden patio heaters available on the market today. With a budget product you expect to have corners cut, but not with this offering from Oypla. (Do note the spelling, it’s Oypla not Oylpa)

A simple yet elegant design with 3 different temperature settings. 650W/1350W/2000W which means the running costs of this electric heater can be substantially less than it’s larger or more expensive counter-parts. There is an even cheaper wall-mounted version of the Oylpa  if you don’t need or want the standing version!

It weighs 9kg and offers up to 5000 hours of lamp life. Assuming you’re using this for 3 hours a night, every night, you can expect it to last nearly 5 years! At it’s current price (£39.99 as of 7th May 2017 – Hover for latest price), you’ll find that it costs you just £8 a year. Before electric of course 😉

This heater is also weatherproof, and IPX4 rated for outdoor use (which means it’s protected from water in all directions) – However due to the nature of this product it should not be used in rainy conditions!

How much does the Oypla 2kW heater cost to run?

As the Oylpa 2kW offers 3 different temperature settings we’ve found that this is one of the most economical patio heaters on the market. But let’s do the maths below!

The current average per kWh in the U.K is currently 12.2 pence. So we must calculate the hourly usage as follows:

2kW heater running costs:

2kW x 1 hour = 2 kWh x 12.2p = 24.4p
2kW x 2 hours = 2 kWh x (12.2p x 2) = 48.8p

If we were to assume you used the heaters for 2 hours a night every night.

Full power (2kW or 2000W) our monthly electric bill will be £14.46.

Mid power (1.35kW or 1350W), then it would cost us £9.76 per month.

Low power (650W) we’d be looking at £4.70 per month.

It’s definitely one of the cheaper to run patio heaters on the market!

Is this electric patio heater suitable for home or commercial use?

We recommend the Oypla 2kW patio heater for home users rather than commercial users as spare parts are hard to come by. These are cheap and cheerful patio heaters and at this price point can be considered disposable once broken down!

Although they can be used in a commercial environment you may find a more industrial solution more fitting.

Heater Specifications


  • Cost at time of review (7th May 2017): £39.99 – Hover for latest price
  • Type of heater: Electric, Halogen (Quartz)
  • Suitable for: Home Users
  • Weighs: 9kg
  • Comes with: 2 metre power cable
  • Height: (Adjustable) 174.5 – 210cm
  • Width: 50cm
  • Depth: 47cm
  • Power settings: 650W (0.65kW) – 1350W (1.35kW) & 2000W (2kW)
  • Cost to run (per hour): 7.93p – Economy. 16.47p – Mid Power. 24.4p – Full Power.
  • Additional info: Weatherproof – IPX4 Rated


PatioMate’s Thoughts

Right, let’s be honest here. This is a budget product that really ticks a lot of boxes.

We’re searched the market and there’s just nothing else out there at this price point that offers so much versatility. We’ve had to give it 5 stars because there’s nothing wrong with it! Sure you could argue it could be a bit more stylish, or come with a remote, but you’re looking at a budget product which is CE/GS Certified & ROHS Certified and ticks all the boxes.

The only negative thing we have to say is that the power cable could be a bit longer! Most of us don’t have external power sockets and 2 metres might not offer you the length you need. So don’t forget to look at extension cords like the Status 13 A 4 Socket Cassette Reel with Thermal Out, or  waterproof power extension cables as well!


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