Prem-I-Air 2kW Weatherproof Electric Parasol Heater

Prem-I-Air 2kw Parasol Heater Review

We haven’t reviewed that many Prem-I-Air heaters but they are an established company dealing with all areas of HVAC so we wanted to give them more visibility on the site!

This triple element halogen quartz parasol heater has a total consumption of 2000W and fits parasol poles between 35-60mm.

Featured as the best parasol heater for 2017!

Prem-I-Air – 2kW Electric Halogen Parasol Heater Review

This powerful heater is currently rated 4 out of 5 stars with 7 reviews on amazon. We’ve dug a little deeper to see whether it’s worth the 4 star rating.

Heating Area

It has a claimed heating area of 4.5sqm, although most heaters in this price range and with this power consumption offer between 8-10sqm of coverage. We believe this is an error as users aren’t complaining at the lack of heat output.

Bulb Life & Heating Type

We would expect these quartz bulbs to last up to 5,000 hours. The heating type is of course infrared.

We have managed to find spare bulbs for this heater at the bargain price of £5.20, making this heater a great long-term buy and cheaper to run than most of its competitors.

Power Settings & Specifics

The Prem-I-Air 2kW parasol heater has 3 heat settings (650W / 1300W / 2000W). Although this information isn’t available on amazon, the official manual confirms these three heat settings.


Rated 220-240V ~50hz and supplied with an ample 5 metre long power supply cable. Particularly handy as most parasol heaters have relatively short power cables!


Most parasol heaters are pretty basic in their design, this heater is no different. With a cast aluminium design and black plastic casing, it’ll do the job just fine.

You must install this heater at least 180cm from the floor, and at least 60cm away from the parasol cloth or ceiling to prevent overheating.

Features & Extras

The arms fold down for easy storage, but you won’t be able to close the parasol on top of it!

It also has a limited ingress protection rating of IPX4 offering no protection against solids, but liquid protection against splashing water (including rainfall).

This heater also has a built-in tip over and overheat safety cut-out to prevent fires.

Suitable For

At this price, it’s great for both commercial and home users. With the availability of cheap replacement bulbs this heater becomes cheaper the longer you own it as demonstrated below.

How much does the Prem-I-Air 2kW Parasol Heater cost to run?

At the purchase price of £79.99 (check latest price) this heater costs £0.015 per hour of usage (before electricity) however, once we replace the bulbs (at £5.20 per bulb = £15.60 in total for 3) it becomes astonishingly cheap costing only £0.003 (yes less than a third of a penny) per hour before electricity!

We do however need to factor in the cost of electric, as without juice we won’t have any heat! The current average price per kWh in the UK is 14.7p:

Heater running costs:

Full Power (2000W) – 2.0kW x 1 hour = 2.0 kWh x 14.7p = 29.4p (per hour)
Mid Power
(1300W) – 1.3kW x 1 hour = 1.3 kWh x 14.7p = 19.11p (per hour)
Low Power (650W)
– 0.65kW x 1 hour = 0.65 kWh x 14.7p = 9.56p (per hour)

Assuming we were to use this heater for 2 hours hours per day.

Full Power – Our monthly electric bill will be £17.64
Mid Power – Our monthly electric bill will be £11.47
Low Power – Our monthly electric bill will be £5.74

With the adjustable power settings and availability of replacement parts, this heater is a great contender when checking which patio heater to buy.

Heater Specifications

  • Cost at time of review (27th August 2017): £79.99 – Hover for latest price
  • Type of heater: Electric, Halogen, Infrared
  • Suitable for: Home, Commercial
  • Comes with: 5 metre power cable
  • Height: 5cm
  • Width: 100cm
  • Depth: 12.5cm
  • Weight: 3.9kg
  • Power settings: 650W / 1300W / 2000W
  • Cost to run (per hour): 9.56p / 19.11p / 29.4p
  • Additional: IPX4 Rated, Fold-able Arms


PatioMate’s Thoughts

Prem-I-Air 2kW Parasol Heater

Prem-I-Air 2kW Parasol Heater

Purchase Cost


    Running Costs









            • 5m Power Cable
            • Fold-able Arms
            • Weatherproof (IPX4)
            • Cheap Replacement Elements
            • Great Value for Money


            • Slightly Higher Upfront Cost Than a Firefly Parasol Heater

            Although it was quite difficult to find the specifics of this heater, we were pleasantly surprised to find that it does in-fact come with weatherproof features, adjustable heat settings and the availability of cheap replacement parts makes this heater a must buy!

            This heater is £10 more expensive than the Firefly 2kW Parasol Heater, however replacement bulbs for the Firefly are £10 each when on offer, and £15 when fully priced. Considering you need 3 of these elements in the heater, after just 1 round of bulb replacements the Firefly would be £5 more expensive. So if you intend to use this heater for the foreseeable future, then we’d recommend spending the extra £10 now, and you’ll be saving money in the long run.