Table Top Patio Heater Reviews & Deals

Table top patio heaters are a great substitute for those who need to save space in the garden, or for people looking for an intimate environment to keep your friends and family warm. They are usually light and portable, but are traditionally more expensive than free standing or wall mounted and occasionally parasol mounted alternatives.

Most table top heaters are gas fired, but there are a few electric models that are now available on the market. Although these do tend to be more expensive than their gas equivalents, the long term savings of electric versus gas can be realised quite quickly, especially if you’re looking at using the heaters on a regular basis.

Firefly 4kW Table-Top Gas Patio Heater Review

Read our review on the Firefly 4kW Table Top Patio Heater and see why we’ve given it 3.5 out of 5 stars.

Fire Mountain 3000W Table-Top Gas Patio Heater Review

The Fire Mountain 3000W table-top gas fired patio heater is a work of art. With perfect marks, read up on why we’ve given this patio heater 5 out of 5 stars!