Alfresco 9kW The Entertainer “Fire ‘n’ Table” Gas Fire Table

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Are you ready to see the future of patio heating solutions? The Fire-n-Table from Alfresco is a unique solution to providing practical space and heating in one combined unit.

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Commercial & luxury users beware, you will be parting with your money if you keep reading this review! We have found an incredibly unique, stylish and dare we say it sexy patio heater and table combined.

Perfect for boutique restaurants, bars, hotels and for those of you that just want to show off. Unfortunately it looks like these aren’t manufactured anymore but you can get them “as new” from a few retailers while stock lasts for less than half the RRP of £2k

Alfresco – 9kW The Entertainer “Fire ‘n’ Table” Gas Patio Heater

Are you a business owner currently searching for the level in patio heating? Do you want to amaze and entertain your customers in style? Then this Fire-n-Table from Alfresco would make an excellent addition to your establishment. It’s not cheap, but can you put a price on a work of art?

Heating Area

Alfresco offer conflicting claims on the output of this heater. Some sites say 31,000BTUs but their official brouchure claims 65,000BTUs. To calculate BTU we do the following – 9kW x 3414BTU = 30726BTUs. So we’d like to err on the of caution and say the real output is 31,000BTU.

Either way, 31,000BTUs will provide enough heat for the 8 people seated around the table, or 12 if standing.

Users in the immediate vicinity will be able to feel the immense heat coming from underneath the table. While we would estimate this heater provides between 8-10sqm of heat coverage it isn’t a traditional patio heater in terms of heating patrons in a smoking area for example.

Heating Type

The Entertainer is LPG / Propane dependant and fits a 9kg / 20lbs bottle underneath the table.

Thanks to some forward thinking, this heater is double-skinned making it safe to touch and provides infrared heat as well as radiant heat from the flame within the table.

Power Settings & Specifics

This heater has an adjustable knob to control consumption and heat output.


This is where the Alfresco Entertainer stands out from the competition. They’ve created an elegant solution to providing a practical space that encorporates a heater within it.

No longer will you have to decide where to put the patio heater, or decide between a parasol, wall mounted or table top heater! Made with double powder coated galvanised steel and a 304 stainless steel finish. The glass top table is also customisable through Alfresco, with 29 different finishes available.

We’re also fans of the ice bucket provided with your purchase as when the table is not in use you can keep your drinks cold in the centre.

Features & Extras

When you’re spending just shy of two-thousand pounds on a heater you want a little extra for your money.

Thankfully Alfresco have opted to provide a full vinyl cover to prevent damage and dust when not in use.

A powder coated aluminium lid for the internal burner. The ice bucket is also included and the heating system comes with a copper vein powder coat to prevent rusting.

Suitable For

This table really is suitable for everyone. It has amazing commercial potential, keeping clients warm while dining or drinking outside, it would make a welcome addition to any bistro or boutique bar and top end night clubs.

It also works in the homestead, one of these around the swimming pool or just in the back garden to entertain your guests and family.

How much does the Alfresco 9kW Gas Patio Heater cost to run?

Based on a 9000W gas patio heater & a 9kg tank of propane/LPG costing £23

12000W = 1kg (1kg of usage per 12000W per hour)
9000W / 12000W = 0.75kg (9000W usage per hour)

9kg / 0.75kg = 12 hours per 9kg tank of gas

£23 / 12 hours = £1.91 per hour

Half power 4.5kW = £1.91 / 2 = £0.95 per hour

Low Power 1kW = £1.91 / 9 = £0.21p per hour

How long with my gas tank last with the Alfresco Fire n Table 9kW patio heater?

This heater will take 6kg or 9kg stub tanks only.

On full power a 9kg tank will last 12 hours
On full power a 6kg tank will last 8 hours

While Alfresco have made claims of tanks lasting 20 hours on full power, we fail to see how that’s achievable with a 9kg tank.

Heater Specifications

  • Cost at time of review (30th August 2017): £1999.00
  • This product is no longer manufactured. It has been succeeded by the champagne and serena brand of alfresco fire tables.
  • Type of heater: Gas, Fire Table
  • Suitable for: Home & Commercial Users
  • Comes with: Ice Bucket, Aluminium Lid, Vinyl Cover
  • Height: 1.15m
  • Width: 1.1m
  • Depth: 1.1m
  • Weight: 80kg
  • Power settings: 1kW to 9kW Variable
  • Cost to run (per hour): From 22p per hour with a 9kg tank
  • Additional: Copper Vein Power Coat & Lid to prevent rusting

PatioMate’s Thoughts

There are plenty of practical applications for this heater. We feel it would be better suited in a commercial setting rather than a home environment, but to each their own.

It’s expensive, but this heater is targeted to the luxury market and you can’t deny it offers a practical and stylish solution to providing both heat and table space.

Available from the following Vendors:

Specification: Alfresco 9kW The Entertainer “Fire ‘n’ Table” Gas Fire Table


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Alfresco 9kW The Entertainer “Fire ‘n’ Table” Gas Fire Table
Alfresco 9kW The Entertainer “Fire ‘n’ Table” Gas Fire Table

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