10 Outdoor Halloween Decoration Ideas for 2017

Getting your home ready for the most fun holiday of the year? Pull your skeletons out of the closet, get the halloweenies onto the grill, and fill your cauldron with all the tasty trick or treats you can find.

It isn’t always easy to find the most spook for the least moola. A lot of bargain shops cater to the interior with flimsy felt bats and costumes made of more plastic than the entirety of Legoland, but if you’re looking for quality outdoor items to scare off any potential trick or treaters you are in the right place.

From mood lighting, to smoke machines and downright scary beasties to hang from your roof PatioMate has found you lock, stock and barrel for the most memorable and grizzly Halloween of your life.

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For the little monsters in your home or wandering the neighbourhood on all hallows eve why not purchase a friendly looking inflatable pumpkin and tree decoration. At 240cm tall and with 5 LED lights this not very spooky tree would be perfect for young childrens parties.

This friendly and rather adorable tree is suitable for indoor or outdoor use, so no need to put your little monsters out into the cold. Made of high-quality materials, it has a CE certification and is waterproof (just in case there are any accidents in all the excitement this adorable set brings).

The whole thing consists of a tree, three pumpkins, an owl and a ghost. Despite the glorious size of 190cm Length x 100cm Width and 240cm Height, it can be set up in moments with the included inflation fan. B0721XWNVH

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All Hallows Hype

It’s never too soon to start Halloween decorating, so go ahead and buy this a month ago and pop it up on your door to remind everyone that Halloween is the single most amazing holiday of the year. It has scary things, chocolate, sweets and candy and all the requirements of sheer gluttony and fun.

You cannot overdo Halloween, unlike Christmas. Anything goes here. So get on it and help get the whole neighbourhood into the spirit. This Halloween wreath is extra special, it comes with a remote timer and 8 light modes.

You can set it up to run for 6 hours on and 18 hours off which is pretty perfect if you ask me, I know you didn’t, but I’m telling you anyway. It is IP65 rated so can be used indoors or outdoors, why not get one for every door in the house? Don’t you like Halloween?!

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Pumpkin spice this!

This high quality sculpted pumpkin jack-o’-lantern is perfect if you want all of the ghoul and none of the mess. Suitable for indoor and outdoor use, this battery operated pumpkin is ideal for parties.

Multiple light functions and a motion activated sensor are just some of the wonders this little guy has inside him. At a whopping 8.1kg in weight and 51cm x 44cm in size, this orange beauty is well worth the money.

You’ll never have to waste another bargain bin pumpkin trying to wrestle the seeds and flesh from its insides. Unless you enjoy that, of course.

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There is smoke without fire

Having a Halloween wedding, ball or party? Ever dreamt of watching the world around you engulfed by smoke but don’t fancy the one way ticket to prison, or an insane asylum. This gorgeous little smoke machine can help your dreams come true.

The Chauvet DJ Hurricane 700 Fog Machine is compact, lightweight and easy to use. Ready to go straight out of the box. It comes complete with a wired remote control and a FREE pint of water-based fog fluid.

Perfect if you want to create the authentic 90s pub experience in the comfort of your own home.

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Witches get stitches?

These three sisters might look like your ordinary group of hormonally enraged women, but hang on! They’re actually a Halloween decoration. That’s right guys and ghouls, you can pack these ladies away at the end of the Halloween season if you wish.

These animated witches love to stir the pot, both metaphorically and literally. The Stitchwork sisters stand at 5ft tall and have motion activated eyes and if they weren’t threatening enough, they have three different sound recordings and their lit cauldron has a whimsical (or terrifying) stirring animation. Suitable for indoor use.

The centre witch has a moving mouth and she is in charge of stirring said cauldron. The motion sensor has an impressive range of up to 6.5ft. These ladies will never turn down a party, so move quickly, they look about ready for a few centuries of beauty sleep.

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Bothered, not bothered.

So you enjoy Halloween, or perhaps your loved ones do. You want to decorate but don’t want the hassle of scraping fake cobwebs out of your plants for the next three months. This projector is the solution to all your decoration problems.

“All that money for one holiday” I hear you say, well it is incredibly good value for money. Not only does it have a Halloween slide, it has slides for virtually every other holiday or season you can think of.

Fourteen slides in total, from St Patrick’s day to the winter snow, this projector will take all the fuss out of every occasion coming up. You’ll never need to buy streamers, banners or gigantic cobwebs again with this marvellous creation.

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Tree Spirits

Love gardening but afraid the demons will wilt your beloved prize cauliflower? Pop this festive friend up on your wall to help ward off those unfriendly garden goblins.

The Design Toscano Tree Spirit of Sleepy Hollow is a gorgeous addition to any home or garden all year round. At a perfect 28cm x 4cm x 35.5cm this little tree spirit will be right at home amongst climbing vines or in a woodland themed bedroom.

He is hand-cast using real crusted stone bonded with high-quality designer resin and hand-painted by artisans.

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Fire burn and cauldron bubble

This mystical Catalina Creations Stars and Moon Cauldron fire pit is going to look amazing and add a sense of mischief to any front garden this Halloween season.

Keeping passers-by warm while entrancing them with the dazzling flames. It includes its own log grate, spark screen and lift tool. The cutout stars and moons will glow radiantly as your fire flickers around the fire pit. Made to endure outdoor weather conditions, this fire pit cauldron is built to last.

The design of this cauldron also offers 360 degrees of viewing, so no matter where you place it, it will shine brightly and look amazing. Pair it with Mystical Fire Sachets to add a truly mystical and completely functional decoration to your garden.  https://www.amazon.co.uk/Mystical-Fire-Set-6-Sachets/dp/B00GO65Y5K/ref=sr_1_3?ie=UTF8&qid=1508763560&sr=8-3&keywords=fire+sachets

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There’s gnome place like home

This little dude looks mighty hungry and may help to scare off the neighbourhood children quite effectively.

Advertised as “not just for Halloween”, this little fellow would look amazing popping out of the grass or a plant pot alike. He is hand-cast using real crushed stone bonded with durable designer resin and he’s topped with UV resistant paint so even in summer he will remain as terrifying as ever.

Designed by the incredible Design Toscano brand, he has been thoughtfully brought to life. Measuring in at 11½”Wx8″ Dx10½”H and weighing an impressive 1.3kg he is sure to bring out the spirit of Halloween all year round.

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The Zombie of Montclaire Moors

The most realistic and haunting zombie on the market, the Zombie of Montclaire Moors will suit any home. He was revived to exacting standards and has hauntingly bright ultra realistic eyes.

He’s hungry and becoming rather desperate to feed as he struggles to claw his way out of the ground to devour trick-or-treaters. This Zombie gent is not for the faint-hearted.

He has been made to extremely exacting standards, measuring at 80cm x 49.5xm x 20.5cm and weighing in at 6kg, you’ll swear you can hear him groaning from time to time. He is definitely PatioMates favourite this season.

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