20 Amazing Gadgets & Terrific Toys You Need For Your Garden for 2017

Today on PatioMate we’re going to be trying something a little different.

20 Outdoor Toys You’ll Want For Summer 2017

We’ve researched 20 gadgets, gizmo’s and toys that we think would make a perfect addition to your garden or patio. Assuming you’ve already purchased yourself a patio heater, you’ve got all this extra time in the garden now. Let’s see how you can make the most of it!

For The Family & Kids

It happens to most of us sooner or later. Whether you’ve got kids, grand-kids, cousins, nieces, nephews or whatever. When they’re over, you’d better be prepared for them!

We’ve found 10 toys that we think are great for the family & kids entertained, whenever it is that summer decides to grace us with its presence. Keep reading to see what we found.

Hammock Bliss Triple

What you’re looking at here is the perfect hammock for the family. It’s also great for those of us who are 6ft+ or for those with more kids than they can count!

Super strong and strength tested to 160kg. Comes with a handy travel bag and suspension system. All you need is somewhere to hang it.

Wham-O Slip & Slide Double Wave Rider

If you were like me growing up as a kid in the 90’s you’d have seen Slip ‘n’ Slides all over American TV or “funniest home movie” shows. Never saw anyone with them though! Now that I have kids of my own I caved and bought them this beast. They absolutely love it.

Thumbsup Roller Wheel

Ok, so it’s not exactly the same as finding an old tractor wheel and bombing it down the hill with your mates, but still. Great toy for the kids both indoors and outdoors!

Bebop Total Wipeout Bouncy Castle & Inflatable Water Slide

Looking for something to keep the kids at bay while the adults play? Why not indulge them with this bouncy castle and inflatable water slide combo. I know if I’d had one of these as a kid we’d have never left the garden.

OUTAD Compression Air Bed / Portable Chair

As seen everywhere at the moment! Can’t go to the beach without seeing at least 5 of these. They’re really comfortable and easy to fill. Definitely worth a purchase for use in the garden or out and about. Available in multiple colours.

The Garden Igloo

Crystal maze anyone? Completely weatherproof and windproof. Stick a hot tub in there and you’re laughing.

Lay-Z-Spa Paris with LED Lights

Speaking of hot tubs…

Kamikaze 16ft Double Inflatable Slip & Slide

Like the idea of a slip and slide and you have money to burn? Well, this behemoth will keep the kids, family, friends and mates all entertained for hours. Recommended age is 3 months to 10 years, but with a suggested max weight of 90kg you know they kids are going to have to wait their turn.

Human Hamster Balls

Zorbing at home has never been so much fun! Perfect for the bigger kids and adults alike.

Bunch ‘o’ Balloons

Kids love water balloons. Parents hate spending their day preparing them. I present to you, the saviour of the weekend – Bunch o Balloons. I’ve always got a pack of these ready for when the sun is shining. Sure they’re a bit on the pricey side (you’ll occasionally find them for £5 at the supermarket and B&M has the launcher kit for £15 at the moment) but they work a treat, keep the kids happy and they really do fill up incredibly quickly.

For the Men

Kids or no kids? No problem. Take a look at some of the gadgets and gizmos we’ve found for the men this summer!

Delux Table Fireplace (Indoor & Outdoor Use)

Looking for something snazzy to keep you warm at night? Check out this delux table fireplace. Running on bio ethanol, keep you and your mates toasty in style!

Keter Cool Bar – Outdoor Ice Cooler & Table

Whether you’re keeping the kids caprisuns, or a couple of beers cool. This multi-function cool box and table is incredibly well rated. With 4.5 stars out of 5 from 131 reviews. Looks like a winner to me.

HopfenHöhle – Underground Beer Cooler (Semi-Automatic / Manual)

I know what I’m buying for the garden this summer… keep those beers cold in style with the HopfenHöhle! Waterproof, insulated and made in Germany. This amazing creation holds up to 15 beers (0.33l / 0.5l) and keeps them cool without the need for electricity. Great place to hide the brews!

Available in Manual and Semi-Automatic (pictured below) builds.

IONAudio Patio Mate – Waterproof Light with Bluetooth Speakers

The Patio Mate (no relation) – nifty little rechargeable light with 2 waterproof IPX4 rated speakers. Great for those long nights in the garden!

FirePlus 4+1 Gas Burner Grill & BBQ + Side Burner

Last but not least, we have every man’s favourite past-time. FIRE. I bought one of these last year and it’s by far the best gas BBQ under £200.

For the Women

Greenbay Coffee Metal Gazebo

Enjoy the garden in style with this 3x4m gazebo.

LIVIVIO – Solar Tree Branch LED’s

Keep the garden lit at night with these stylish solar powered solar branch lights.

Might Mug Wine Glass – Anti Spill Glass

Don’t let a spilt drink ruin your summer! With the Might Mug you’ll never worry about your drink again.

Lay-Z-Spa – Saint Tropez with LED’s

A smaller hot tub for the more intimate evenings.

Plant Theatre Cocktail Garden Kit

Great fun in the garden. Grow your own cocktail garden with this kit. Comes with 18 original cocktail recipes and 6 seed varieties including Cucamelo, Blue Borage, Lime Basil, Agastache, Lemon Balm & Mint! Includes 6 pots, 6 blocks, 6 markets as well as sowing and growing tips.

What did you think?

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