25 People Who Decided It Simply Wasn’t Their Job

Sometimes you simply just don’t care about your job, or your boss has given you a task above your pay grade. Today we’ll be looking at 25 instances of people who simply decided “that’s not my job.”

Installed the Switchboard

We wouldn’t want to be the first ones to try this shower… might come in handy if you’ve got a waterproof phone though?

Shocking job if we do say so ourselves…

Finished With The Fan!

This fan spins at over 9,000 RPM

Feel that cool breeze son

What You See Is What You Get

I was considering getting one of these for the boy…

Maybe not though…

Grade A Pavement

Top notch workmanship here!

I dare you to take the kids for a bike ride on this wacky pavement!

Make Sure You Camouflage The Antenna He Said!

A for effort. U for execution.

Why? Just why!?

Finished Installing The New Light

I’ve got 20 minutes to get to the pub… let’s bodge it!

I’m proud of my bodge jobs but this is a new level of bodge

Sometimes You Just Have To Vent

At the expense of your view though

Ventilation +100%. Property value -50%

A Whole New Meaning To Hot Wheels

This wheelchair access ramp


Patio’s Closed

Patio heater probably caught fire..

Ah, that clears that up then…


Shhh, be quiet.

No need to shout right?

sʇǝlᴉo┴ s,uǝɯoM ⅋ uǝW

¡ʇɥƃᴉɹ ʇɐɥʇ pɐǝɹ no⅄

I wonder if the toilets are on the ceiling?

Super Secure Locking System

No-one will be able to get in now!

Wait a minute

Some People Just Want To Watch The World Burn

Bike Speed Trap

Poor Cyclists

This Should Stop The Flooding

Wait a minute…

There’s a Brexit joke in there somewhere…


We call this the Hollywood

I see you!

Weatherproof Lighting

Ingress Protection Rating – IDGAF

IPXX Rated


You heard me


Maybe They’re Using Metric Feet?

5ft 10metres

I knew kids these days were taller!

Only The Best For Your Kids

Love me a good ole fashioned roundabout

Weeeeeee. Ow. WEEEEEEEEEEE. Ow.

Train’s Delayed

No wonder there’s a bus replacement service every Sunday…

East Anglia at it again

Repair It Yourself

This must be that new self-healing asphalt that’s all the rage

5/7 would repair again

The Bridge To Nowhere

Who wouldn’t want to go on holiday here?

Better view of the pool though right?

Budget Roof Repair

This is why you don’t go with the cheapest quote

You think they’ll notice?

Curse Those TPOOPS!

Proopreading is harder than it looks

You had one job..

Tis The Season…

Ho Ho Ho…

Santa why?

I Love London Too!


Londres, je t’aime

The End

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