5 Infographics on the Importance of Bees & Bee Friendly Gardening

We’re all aware of the importance of bees, whether through popular media and films (like the Bee Movie) or through our own research, we know that these fuzzy little friends are struggling around the world. Did you know they provide around a third of the available food on the planet, but due to factors like disease, excessive urbanisation, over-farming and CCD we’ve lost 2 out of 26 types of bee species in the U.K.

You may be asking yourself, what can I do to help?

Fear not, today on PatioMate we’ve got 5 infographics that will help you keep your garden bee friendly!

Homemade Bee Hotels

Becoming a Backyard Bee Keeper

Bee Friendly

Why We Need to Save The Bees

Disappearing Bees

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