7 Stunning and Inspiring Garden Transformation by Redditors

If you love to spend time outdoors but are stuck for ideas to spruce up your garden, you may start to feel like there is just nothing that can be done with the space you have, think again. Up-cycling and making the most of your space and budget can create a peaceful and beautiful garden to relax in this summer.

Cost effectiveness is important to all of us but having the garden of your dreams doesn’t have to be as expensive as you might think. Re purposed wood can make incredible planters, old rocks can be used to create a beautiful rockery or decoration for a water feature.

Whatever you’re looking to do there is no greater satisfaction than knowing you did it yourself. Here are 7 innovative ways redditors have transformed their garden, no matter the size, shape or budget!

Sloped Garden Planters – EvMan

Starting place - steep little unused part of yard

Have uneven ground to work with? A DIY garden bed might be just what you’re looking for. In this instance the busy father of three enlisted the help of his young children to create a planter for mother’s day on an otherwise difficult space to work with. Measuring up the space for the garden bed he used untreated lumber both cedar and pine to create the bed itself. Using galvanised steel for fittings this planter will last many years without worry. The intention being that if you tire of gardening you can continue the planter down the slope to create makeshift stairs. This project could be perfect for you if you’re short on time as the whole thing took less than a day to complete, ready for planting.

Hexagonal Garden Beds – sexy_guid_generator

Feeling like a super green thumb? This may well be the project for you. A fair amount more work than the simpler sloped garden planter but this hexagonal one is sure to turn heads and we cannot lie, it is certainly a show stopper in any garden. This genius green thumb created the look by using leftover cedar from a lumber yard and painstakingly measured and cut each piece to size. One hundred and fifty-four pieces in total but you cannot argue that this is definitely a garden bed worth bragging about.

Patiomate’s Favourite Planter – MikeAuxmaul

How glorious it is to be able to waltz into your own garden and gather fresh herbs for dinner. It’s an empowering feeling and if you’re a cooking enthusiast this is definitely one not to be overlooked. Simple in design but spacious enough to never run out of your favourite herbs, this is perfect for a novice gardener and competent chef. Built thoughtfully in a small space this garden makes up for its petite stature with oodles of charm and style. Adding shingle or gravel to a garden of any size really ups the charm factor. This garden ticks all the boxes, effective, stylish and affordable.

DIY Wildlife Pond – ricflams

Planters and garden beds not your cup of tea? Don’t fret, how about a serene pond to relax beside on those muggy summer days? Add some solar lights and you have the perfect spot to rest beside after coming home from work at night. If you have children and are wanting to inject a little countryside into a city garden this is the perfect solution for you. This pond is low maintenance and will attract an array of pond life right to your very own back garden, frogs especially are what my children love and this is sure to be a winner in any family home. This particular pond was built with pet ducks in mind, using decay-resistant chemical free thermowood for the frame to ensure there are no nasty surprises to the wildlife that entered. This clever green thumb built the entire structure above ground before lowering it in to the pre-dug pond. Adding rocks and plants at the final stage serves several purposes. Firstly, you’re adding a beautiful aesthetic but secondly and more importantly you’re creating a safe space and hiding spots for wildlife as well as a fast method of escape should they fall in accidentally. Perfect if you have outdoor cats who cannot keep their curiosity at bay around water.

Two-Tier Garden – baconautumn

Another sloped garden creation. This ingenious garden was built by one enthusiastic green thumb who could not afford to wait for the garden to be built before planting. Pea shingle was used to create a level ground for the brick wall as well as support and drainage for beneath the wall to ensure it would never tip over. The upper tiers well-kept look and the cleverly placed boulders on the lower tier definitely make this space feel much more grand than it is. Using larger gravel behind the retaining walls to encourage even more drainage and allow for the expansion of water when it freezes will protect this beautiful garden for years to come. This project took several weeks to complete but could be done faster if you have plenty of spare time. It is however, most definitely worth the wait.

Artificial Rock Garden Waterfall – LordMoregore

This masterpiece is perfect if your garden time revolves around hobbies, there is nothing more peaceful or beautiful in a garden perhaps than a waterfall but unfortunately many of us aren’t lucky to live close by to a real one. If you crave the sound of rushing water this garden is a must for you. The incredible green thumb that made this left absolutely nothing out of his trick bag, going as far as to use empty propane tanks, tyres and roof tiles to help fill and support the structure so that it could hold when applying the outer coating of Quick Wall. Using crumpled foil on any malleable material can go a long way to adding realistic textures to a project and this artificial waterfall does not disappoint. The finished product is nothing short of show-stopping.

Complete Garden Makeover – mrob909

Got a small oddly-shaped garden which doesn’t enjoy much sunlight, this is the one for you. Saving the best for last this garden transformation is truly the work of a green thumb god. On a slim budget the change in this garden is nothing short of incredible. Ripping out the entire garden, making necessary repairs to the house and garage and then creating a purposeful three-sectioned garden with entertaining and summer evenings in mind. This is an ideal example of innovation in the home. I will let the pictures speak for themselves but there is no dispute that this is an amazing transformation of an otherwise unloved space.

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