Choosing the Best Smokeless Fuel for Your Chiminea

Chimineas are a wonderful way to keep warm in the evenings, no matter the season but are you struggling to cope with the amount of smoke that your chiminea is making?

Traditionally chims are built to minimise smoke output regardless of the type of fuel used but by using a smokeless fuel and ensuring your chiminea is sheltered from the wind, you should be able to reduce the amount of smoke produced.

Some of these fuels may also be used on BBQ’s / Multi Fuel Stoves & Biomass Boilers – but please check compatibility before purchasing 🙂

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Smokey & Smokeless Fuels

Some fuels produce more smoke than others, for example;

A damp log that has been sitting outside during rainfall may contain more than 50% moisture. Placing a wet fuel on a fire means the fire has to burn through all the moisture before it starts producing a high level of heat. This results in a lot more smoke and a less efficient burn.

On the other hand, a smokeless fire log that has been properly cured should have 10-20% moisture and will burn a lot more cleanly, producing little to no smoke.

Examples of smokeless fuels are: Anthracite, coke, charcoal & hexamine tablets (which you may be familiar with if you’ve ever been to a festival), heat logs made from sawdust, beech wood and oak or pine woods are also low smoke fuels. There are a number of low-smoke coals available on the market as well.

Sheltering Your Chiminea From the Wind

If you’re struggling to figure out how to stop a chiminea from smoking then please read the helpful hints below.

You should always try to situate your chiminea with the hole facing away from the wind, high winds not only increase the amount of smoke produced from your chiminea but increase the speed at which your fuel will burn (making it more expensive to run). In the U.K. you’ll find that the wind most commonly blows Westward so place your chiminea facing towards the East. You may also want to invest in a windbreaker if this isn’t an option.

If you haven’t purchased a chiminea yet and are simply researching the best smokeless fuels before buying, then why not visit our page covering our favourite chimineas for the season.

Best Selling Smokeless Fuels

Best Smokeless Fuels

We’ve picked a small selection of 5 smokeless fuels for you to choose from. Each of these fuels are highly rated and come in a variety of sizes to suit your needs.

Flamefast Fireglow Instant Firelog

These simple to use and environmentally friendly firelogs are affordable and work as a fantastic smokeless fuel for your chiminea. Simply light the paper around the wax coated log and these will provide heat for over two hours. Supplied with a box of Tigerbox safety matches.

Available in varying sizes but only the 12 pack is currently in stock.

MDL Instant Light Smokeless Fire Logs - Case of 12 Logs
  • Flamefast Firelogs (Case of 12)
  • Environmentally friendly
  • Instant log fire effect

Brazier Smokeless Coal

For those of you with chimineas that can handle “coal” style fuel. These smokeless coal packs provide up to 24% more heat, up to 80% less smoke and can last up to 40% longer than traditional coal while producing 25% less Co2!

Available in packs of : 10kg, 20kg, 40kg, 60kg

Tiger Tim Smokeless Instant Lighting Fire Logs

Made from reconstituted wood and wax these fire logs will burn for 2-3 hours each. Ideal for warmth on a fire pit or chiminea. These are however not suitable for cooking with!

Available in the following sizes (1.1kg Per Log) : 10 Logs (£2/ea), 20 Logs (£1.74/ea), 30 Logs (£1.63/ea), 60 Logs (£1.58/ea).

Tigerbox® Premium Dried Softwood Logs

Cured for 2 years to ensure low levels of moisture to provide a smokeless (or as close to) burn.

Available in 20kg (£1.05/kg), 25kg (£1.04/kg) & 40kg (£0.93/kg) sizes.

Bulk orders are available during colder seasons (as detailed below).
135 Blazers Logs + 240kg Smokeless Coal | 270 Blazers Logs + 480kg Smokeless Coal
175kg Kiln Dried Logs + 240kg Smokeless Coal |  350kg Kiln Dried Logs + 480kg Smokeless Coal
288 Heat Logs + 240kg Smokeless Coal | 576 Heat Logs + 480kg Smokeless Coal

LogPile Kiln Dried Hardwood

Sustainably sourced hardwood ash, oak and birch logs which are kiln dried to reduce moisture content to an average of under 20%. These are ready to burn and due to the low moisture content will produce very limited levels of smoke.

Next day delivery and available in multiple sizes.

Available in: 15kg 20kg, 25kg, 30kg, 60kg, 120kg, 240kg, 400kg Crate, 400kg Crate & Kindling, 800kg Crate, 800kg Crate & Kindling

If you have any other recommendations, suggestions or comments on any of these fuels then please leave them below!

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