10 Inspiring Garden Patio Paving Ideas for 2022

The critical thing that you’ll need to consider when starting the design process for your patio is what to lay as the foundation. This is where paving comes into play.

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Ready to turn your garden patio into this? Don’t forget the fire pit!

There are tons of different options out there, but some important things to keep in mind when it comes to researching the surface of your garden patio paving are:

Durability – Is it going to be able to withstand the year-round climate?

Maintenance – When the elements do eventually leave their mark on the surface, can it be easily cleaned?

Style – Do you lean more towards the contemporary? Are you a fan of minimalism? Or maybe you’re trying to go for something more classic?

Once you’ve got your mind set on the basic properties of the paving you’d prefer – it’s time to go to market, get the necessary supplies, and get building your new garden patio paving!

However, choosing the best option among the wealth of available styles, designs, materials, and layouts can quickly turn into a frustrating and downright confusing experience altogether.

That’s why today, we’ve done the hard work for you by putting together the top 10 garden patio paving ideas for 2022.

Let’s dive right in!

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10 of our favourite garden paving ideas for this year

Garden Paving Ideas

Poured Concrete for a Smooth & Unified Surface

This is the simplest (and likely cheapest) option if you are looking for something fast and budget-friendly.

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Poured concrete patios are installed in a similar fashion to the way that your driveway is – wood panels are set up to frame it in, the concrete is mixed, then it is poured into the framework and set.

The whole project shouldn’t take longer than a few days (depending on the size of your patio). So if you’re in a hurry to get your summer parties going and your focus is on keeping costs and timelines to a minimum, then this is a good bet!

Use A Wood Effect to Bring The Inside Out

Wood-effect planks are very en-vogue right now – and for a good reason too. You may have seen a similar look in interior designs, where the stone or paved slabs are surfaced to look like hardwood.

wood floor garden 1024x569 1

This material is usually used in rooms that traditionally have too much moisture for real wood (i.e. bathrooms). This is a cool option if you are looking to do either a sleek Scandinavian design or add a touch of rustic appeal to your patio.

You’ll probably want to consider something that looks like a match well made with the existing exterior of your home. Either way, the wood effect is great if what you’re looking for a chic, functional, and beautiful outdoor living space!

Create A Mosaic Design for An Abstract Surface

This one is all about imagination! You can opt for a pattern that has already been laid-out or even use a variety of different sizes and shapes of existing paving stones to create something totally unique.

mosaic garden 1024x569 1

You’ve got a lot of playroom with this option – not just with the stones, but how you choose to fill the cracks between them. Setting your mosaic in concrete, or filling it with pebbles are some excellent options, but you’re really only limited by your imagination here.

Large Slabs for A Sleek Contemporary Look

Slabs made of porcelain or natural stone can be laid out to create an impressive aesthetic when it comes to your outdoor space.

large garden slabs 1024x569 1

They are the perfect option if you want something minimal, easy to maintain, and relatively upscale. Slabs come in a variety of sizes and textures, and a range of neutral tones to suit just about any outdoor space.

However, when it comes to slabs, just like the wood-effect option – you’ll need to decide what look and colour work best with the exterior of your home. This will help you make sure your design adds visual appeal to your property rather than sticking out like a sore thumb.

Larger slabs lend themselves to commercial applications to as they’re cheaper when it comes time to pay for the labour.

If you are going for the chic-effect don’t forget about your patio heater either.

Cobblestone for The Old English Cottage Look

Say goodbye to crisp edges and perfectly formed geometry here. This look is all about the old-world country charm.

cobblestone patio 1024x569 1

If your main goal is cozy – and there’s a good chance that a quaint flower and vegetable garden is already there, or soon will be – then a cobblestone paved patio is likely your best bet.

And, while they used to pave cobblestone in a brick-by-brick fashion (which is quite labour-intensive), the modern world has a lot to offer in terms of convenience. Today, you can get cobblestone laid out in sheets that just need grouting. This makes for a much quicker installation than the months-long undertaking it would have been back in 1800’s England.

Natural Stone Slabs for A Timeless Look

Just like the large slabs, we talked about earlier, this one comes down to the idea of clean and straightforward.

sandstone patio 1024x569 1
These sandstone slabs come in packs of 41 from B&Q

Natural stones like granite, slate, sandstone and limestone can be found in sleek, geometric shapes for a polished style, or more rugged, textured cuts for a rustic natural appeal.

Either way, natural stone is just that – natural. It’s a good option if you want to keep your outdoor space flowing with the elements.

Pebbles or Greenery for Some Varied Texture

Instead of grouting between your tiles and slabs, consider filling the cracks with pebbles or greenery for a variation in texture.

pebble garden 1024x569 1

This will give you a bit of visual diversity and add a nice green touch to contrast the smooth neutral-coloured surface of the flat, paved stones.

Anything but Squares

Sharp edges aren’t for everyone. When most people think of paving a patio, there is usually an automatic assumption that it needs to be squared off.

anything but squares 1024x569 1
We really love the Marshalls Scoutmoor Textured Rustic Paving Slab which is available from Wickes!

However, if you have a space that is more conducive to organic shapes, or you just prefer a little variance from a stylistic standpoint – straying away from square tiles might be a fantastic option.

Rounded patios or free form designs are great as a focal point. Just imagine a beautiful rounded outdoor dining space or an abstract corten steel water feature lighting up your garden patio!

Create A Material Hybrid for A Mixed Design

When it comes to the design of your paving, outside of space, and material constraints – your creativity is really the only limiting factor!

hybrid garden 1024x569 1

So why not mix things up? You can easily incorporate several different types of materials together when it comes to paving your outdoor space. Whether it’s a combination of slabs and brickwork, or even adding some cobblestones into the mix – you can freely let your creative side loose.

This approach will allow you to build a unique and refreshing space in your garden that stands out in contrast to the typical and drab all-concrete designs you’ll see most homeowners opt for.

Try Adding Layers for Functional Division of Space

If you have a lot of room to work with, adding layers to define a function for each portion of your patio is a great option.

tiered garden 1 1024x569 1

For example, you could build out platforms to create an outdoor dining area, relaxation space, firepit…whatever you want!

Layering is a stellar way to add dimension and carve out a bit of much-needed space for each purpose that your patio might carry.

So, have we given you some good ideas to get started?

Paving your patio can actually be incredibly fun! With the right materials, you can increase your living space and create a stunning outdoor area that is entirely unique to you and your personal tastes.

Why not head on over to B&Q or Wickes and take a look at their range of patio slabs and garden decor!

And if you’ve got ample space and a sizeable budget to play with, you can truly let your creative side loose and get a little artistic exercise while enriching your property all in one go.

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