Pub & Beer Garden Furniture and Accessory Ideas

Today on PatioMate we’ll be looking at our favourite selection of pub garden furniture, ranging from LED tables & chairs, to patio heaters, benches and other quirky products you can buy for your pub, restaurant or even the home.
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When we’re lucky enough to be blessed with a few moments of sunshine, then most of us will be familiar with the great British pastime of heading to the local pub garden after work and knocking back a few pints or sharing a bottle of Rosé… or 3. Then someone decides it’s a good idea to do shots and before you know it you’ve spent your entire paycheque and walk home, kebab in hand at 3 am to an angry partner – but youthful transgressions aside let’s get on with our post.

Keep reading to see how some of the best-rated beer gardens in the U.K have furnished their outdoor space. Maybe you’re looking for ideas to completely overhaul your existing garden or just a few pointers on your new acquisition?

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In This Guide

 Our Top 5 Pub Gardens in the UK

Inn at Fossebridge – Cheltenham, Cotswolds


The Inn at Fossebridgelocated in Fossebridge and situated on a 4-acre plot. This traditional and tastefully decorated pub garden makes use of the natural beauty of the surrounding area, with an assortment of wooden benches, plastic & rattan chairs and parasols. It offers visitors staying at the hotel a quiet and quaint area to have a few drinks or enjoy a meal on their vast grounds.

The Magic Garden – Camden, London


The Magic Gardenlocated in Camden makes excellent use of the limited space it has (and somehow manages to fit a taxi in as well). By utilising a custom built lean-to and an array of lights, with classic pub benches to complete this fantastic and futuristic looking beer garden.

The White Hart – Denmead, Hampshire


The White Hartlocated in Denmead uses a mixture of wooden, glass and rattan furniture which are complimented by tasteful plants and shrubs as well as stainless steel gas-fired patio heaters to complete this modern look.

Eagle – Shepherd’s Bush, London


Eaglelocated in Shepherd’s Bush is a trendy Gastropub in the heart of London. This colourful and eclectic selection of rattan and wooden furniture works together very well. The pyramid patio heater placement works very well and will provide heat for most of the customers and the ambient lighting around the burger shack provides clientele with an ambience that will keep them drinking long into the morning.

England’s Rose – Postcombe, Oxfordshire


England’s Rose, located in Postcombe offers a spacious and family-friendly pub garden. Complete with playhouse, outdoor activities, benches, bins and a lamppost – offering light and space for kids to play and picnic while the parents relax and catch up with friends and family.

Pub & Beer Garden Furniture

If you haven’t managed to find what you’re looking for above, then not to worry! We’ve got a great selection of traditional, retro, modern and futuristic pub furniture below to suit all your needs.

Choosing the right outdoor furniture can mean the difference between a customer returning to your premises time and time again, while recommending your pub to their friends and family. Or leaving a negative review and never being seen again.

Garden Chairs / Stools / Tables & Benches

LED Stools & Tables

These LED cubes and tables are great for adding extra outdoor lighting and suit gastropubs, nightclubs and bars, as well as working very well in establishments that are open ’til the early hours of the morning.

Victorian Style Cast Iron Chairs

If you’ve splashed out on the Victorian style lamppost and want to keep the decor in a similar style, why not invest in these lovely Victorian style chairs.

Recycled Solid Oak Whiskey Barrel Bar Table & 4 Stools

For pubs that specialise in whiskey or IPA’s & craft beers – this set of solid oak chairs and barrel bar table will keep your customers coming back for more.

Yews Compact 5ft Rounded Wooden Picnic Table Set

If space is an issue and you’re looking for compact bar furniture, then the Yews picnic table set offers seating for up to 6 people.

Tinwell 8ft Solid Picnic Table & Bench

Pressure treated heavy duty timber. Perfect for pubs and restaurants.

Outdoor Heating

We’ve got a small selection of our favourite gas and electric patio heaters below. If nothing takes your fancy, why not explore our entire selection of patio heaters or read our article on the best patio heaters on the market.

Parasols & Gazebos

There are plenty of gazebos and parasols on offer on the cheap but it pays to invest in a high quality product that can stand the test of time.

All Nisbets product prices are EX VAT – they are a premier supplier of garden furniture for both trade and home users.

The Bolero GJ770 3×3 Commercial Grade Gazebo & Sidewall

Coming Soon


Water Features

Play Area & For Kids

That’s it from us today at PatioMate – we hope you enjoyed our selection of pub garden furniture, we’d love to hear your favourites and recommendations in the comment box below!

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