Chillchaser / WarmWatcher Electric Patio Heaters

Looking for a Chillchaser patio heater? Chillchaser are a leading provider of commercial, residential and high-end efficient infrared electric patio heaters to the U.K market.

The name may ring a bell as the owner was featured on Dragon’s Den in 2009 pitching electric patio heaters as an efficient alternative to gas patio heaters.

Prices start from low £x,xx.xx up to the high 3 figures / low 4 figures for their floor standing range of patio heaters (which are custom or rebranded Warmwatcher heaters)

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Chillchaser ShadowPlus+ 3kW Patio Heater

Chillchaser ShadowPlus+ 3kW Patio Heater

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