Oypla Patio Heaters

Although Oypla only have a few products available, they provide some of cheapest gas and electric patio heaters on the market with features that rival some of the more expensive products out there! Make no mistake, they are indeed a budget brand. But if you can find another free standing patio heater with 5000 hours of bulb life for under £40 we’d love to hear about it!

They also offer a 4kW table top and 12kW free standing gas patio heater, both for under £100. If you’re looking for a cheap way to keep warm at night then we can’t recommend Oypla enough. Please note that it’s Oypla not Oylpa!

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Oypla Electric 2kW Quartz Free Standing Electric Garden Patio Heater
The Oypla 2kW free-standing electric garden heater. With adjustable height, multiple temperature settings and over-heat protection.
Best deal at: Amazon.co.uk
Oypla 2kW Electrical Wall Mounted Patio Heater
This is hands down the cheapest patio heater on the market. We've also given it 5 stars! Read more to find out why.
Best deal at: Amazon.co.uk
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