Devola 2kW Electrical Waterproof Wall Mounted Smart Patio Heater


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Devola 1.2kW Electrical Waterproof Wall Mounted Smart Patio Heater

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Devola 2.4kW Wi-Fi Patio Radiant Heater - DVPH2400B

Devola 2.4kW Electrical Waterproof Wall Mounted Smart Patio Heater

Best deal at: Devola

The mid-range offering from Devola. Powerful and wallet friendly.

Devola – 2kW Weatherproof Wall Mounted Weatherproof Patio Heater – DVPH2000B

If you’re in the market for a 2kW smart patio heater for under £200, then the Devola DVPH2000B could be the perfect heater for you. Larger than the DVPH1200B but for just a few quid more.

Heating Area

This 2000W heater boasts a heating area of 20sqm. Similar to that of the 2kW veito and futura deluxe but with more features at a similar price point.

Bulb Life & Heating Type

We would expect these clear halogen bulbs to last in the region of 5,000 to 7,000 hours. This is plenty for both commercial and residential users. Even if you were to use them for 6 hours a night you’re looking at just over 2 years of usage.

Power Settings & Specifics

This heater has an adjustable power setting based on the temperature control setting chosen (5-45c)

As with the 1.2kW and 2.4kW version, this heater can be ceiling or wall hung as well as within a gazebo but ensure your chosen mounting area can handle the weight of the heater (~5kg).


The 2kW Devola infrared heater measures in at 87cm x 16cm x 8cm. It’s only 10cm wider than the 1.2kW heater and at just a few quid more it might be worth getting this over the smaller heater if you have space for it.

There’s no real design change across the board for the Devola range of heaters. We like the LED panel and general layout of the heater.

Features & Extras

If you’re looking for a heater with a bunch of added features and extra functions, then the Devola range of patio heaters will not leave you yearning.

These heaters come with a built-in thermostat, remote control operation, child lock, PIR body sensor and they’re wi-fi enabled. If you install these heaters indoors then it also has an “open window” which automatically turns the heater off if a temperature change of more then 3c is detected.

Finally, this heater also comes with a 2-year guarantee – so if something does go wrong within the first few years of ownership you can rest assured that Devola will get it fixed.

Weatherproof Rating

Not only are these heaters suitable for indoor and outdoor operation, but they offer superior and true weatherproof operation when installed outdoors.

Solid rating 6 – complete protection from dust and touch.

Liquid rating 5 – this heater is protected from low powered water jets from all directions.

This rating makes it suitable for installation in any location. Whether in a commercial setting or residential.

Suitable For

We think this heater is great for both residential and commercial users due to its versatility and low cost.

Running Costs

With the average cost of electricity running in the region of 14.7p/kWh let’s calculate the hourly running cost for you.

Heater running costs:

Full Power (2000W) – 2.0kW x 1 hour = 2.0 kWh x 14.7p = 29.4p (per hour)
Mid Power (1300W) – 1.3kW x 1 hour = 1.3 kWh x 14.7p = 19.11p (per hour)
Low Power (650W) – 0.65kW x 1 hour = 0.65 kWh x 14.7p = 9.56p (per hour)

Assuming we were to use this heater for 2 hours a night every night.

Full Power – Our monthly electric bill will be £17.64
Mid Power – Our monthly electric bill will be £11.47
Low Power – Our monthly electric bill will be £5.74

Of course the heater does automatically shut off when the optimum temperature has been reached and it has adjustable power output based on requirements rather than different power settings so the above figures are a rough example of what you should expect to pay.

Heater Specification

  • Type of heater: Electric, Infrared, Halogen
  • Suitable for: Home & Commercial
  • Comes with: Remote Control, Wall/Ceiling Bracket
  • Heating Area: 20sqm
  • Height: 16cm
  • Width: 87cm
  • Depth: 8cm
  • Weight: 5kg
  • Power settings: 650W / 1300W / 2000W
  • Cost to run (per hour): 9.56p / 19.11p / 29.4p
  • Additional: Weatherproof Rated IP65, LOT20 Compliant, 2 Year Warranty

PatioMate’s Thoughts

9.8Expert Score
A Fantastic Option For Both Indoors & Outdoors
The Devola DVPH2000B is a fully featured patio heater with multiple additional functions at a fraction of the cost of other leading heaters
Purchase Costs
Running Costs
  • Wi-Fi Enabled
  • 20sqm Heating Area
  • IP65 Rated
  • 2 Year Warranty
  • Extra Features Galore
  • Moderately Heavy - 5kg

Fantastic for heating slightly larger areas, both indoors and outdoors. For the price you’re getting an awful lot of heater and the 2 year guarantee gives you piece of mind as well.

The Devola range is available in 3 different sizes, the 1200W, 2000W and 2400W – This is the mid range of the three, the 1.2kW is £15 cheaper but the 2.4kW is only £10 more so if you need to heat smaller or larger area then why not check the other heaters in this range.

This heater is available from multiple retailers but for commercial users looking to make a bulk purchase you can get the best savings when buying directly from Devola – with a discount of 6% when you purchase of 6 or more heaters.

Available from the following Vendors:

Devola 2kW Wi-Fi Patio Radiant Heater - DVPH2000B
BUY NOW Devola
Devola 2kW Wi-Fi Patio Radiant Heater - DVPH2000B
-2% Devola Electric Infrared Patio Heater Wall Mounted Wi-Fi Enabled and Remote Control...
£154.99 £158.99
Devola Electric Infrared Patio Radiant Wi-Fi Enabled Heater - 2kW - DVPH2000B

Specification: Devola 2kW Electrical Waterproof Wall Mounted Smart Patio Heater

Paddling Pool Specifications

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Devola 2kW Electrical Waterproof Wall Mounted Smart Patio Heater
Devola 2kW Electrical Waterproof Wall Mounted Smart Patio Heater


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