Firefly (Heatlab) 1.5kW Wall Mounted Patio Heater

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This ruby halogen powered heater from Firefly is a great addition to any home or commercial setting. With a heating area of up to 9sqm and up to 5,000 hours bulb life, could this be the heater you’re looking for?

Firefly (Heatlab) – 1.5kW Weatherproof Wall Mounted or Floor Standing Electric Patio Heater

This affordable heater comes with remote control, mounting brackets, LED lighting, anodized aluminium alloy frame, optional floor stand and a bulb life of 5,000 hours. Is it worth the money? Keep reading to find out.

Heating Area

The Firefly 1.5kW heater will heat an area up to 9sqm with a maximum heating distance of 2.5m. If you’re looking for a heater that will comfortably heat up a small area (one or two tables) and offer ambient lighting then this offering from Firefly has you covered.

When wall mounted, this heater has a tilt angle range of 30°.

Bulb Life & Heating Type

As standard these heaters are supplied with ruby halogen heating bulbs, offering instant radiant heat via low-frequency waves.

With an expected bulb life of 5,000 hours and replacement bulbs costing just £24.99 the affordability of these heaters is fantastic.

Power Settings & Specifics

There are no adjustable heat settings on this heater – this isn’t a major issue as offering a 750w heat setting wouldn’t really do anything.

Supplied with a 2-metre long power cable, this is fairly short so do make sure there’s a power socket to hand.

Running at 220-240v, 50/60Hz.


This is a visually pleasing heater, built from silver anodized aluminium alloy with black plastic sides, it would make a welcome addition to any home or business premsis.

The LED lights and halogen bulb offer additional light wherever they are installed, negating the need for an additional lighting solution.

Features & Extras

Each Firefly 1.5kW heater is supplied with wall mounting brackets, a remote control which controls both the heater and lighting and a 2-metre long power cable with 3-pin plug, so you’re ready to go out of the box!

The optional floor stand is a great addition to anyone who is uncomfortable installing the bracket into the wall or lacking the wall space for this heater!

Weatherproof Rating

We were happy to see this heater has an advanced ingress protection rating of IP55.

Solid rating 5 – protected from dust and larger objects.

Liquid rating 5 – protected from water jets from any direction. Although the official manual states not to use this product when raining or in wet conditions.

Suitable For

Perfect for home and commercial owners who are looking for a heat and lighting solution for a small area both indoors and outdoors!

Cost to Run

If we take the current purchase cost of £89.99 *check latest price* the cost per hour before electricity is £0.018. This drops to less than half a penny (£0.005) per hour once you’ve replaced the bulb.

We’ve calculated the running costs of the Firefly 1.5kW heater based on an average U.K. cost per kWh of 14.7p.

Heater running costs:

Full Power (1500W) – 1.5kW x 1 hour = 1.5kWh x 14.7p = 22.05p (per hour)

Assuming we were to use this heater for 2 hours per day.

Full Power (1500W) – Our monthly electric bill will be £13.23

An all around affordable heater!

Heater Specification

  • Type of heater: Electric, Halogen, Infrared
  • Suitable for: Home, Commercial
  • Comes with: 2m Power Cable, Remote Control, Wall Mounting Kit
  • Height: 28.5cm (1.45m to 1.8m with stand)
  • Depth: 27cm
  • Width: 82.5cm
  • Weight: 4.5kg
  • Power settings: 1500W
  • Cost to run (per hour): 22.05p
  • Additional: IP55 Rated, 2 x LED Lights

PatioMate’s Thoughts

We can’t sing the praises of this heater enough. It’s affordable with or without the floor stand and the ongoing costs are minimal. Replacement parts are cheap and Primrose offer exceptional customer service should anything go wrong with your heater.

The question is whether you want a ruby glow from the Firefly.

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Specification: Firefly (Heatlab) 1.5kW Wall Mounted Patio Heater



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Firefly (Heatlab) 1.5kW Wall Mounted Patio Heater
Firefly (Heatlab) 1.5kW Wall Mounted Patio Heater
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