Firefly 4kW Table-Top Gas Patio Heater


The Firefly 4kW Table Top Patio Heater – a good table top heater at a respectable price. Built from durable stainless steel with adjustable temperature control.

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Hot Hot Hot! Today we’re taking a look at the 4kW Firefly gas table-top patio heater

Firefly – 4000W Table-Top Gas Patio Heater

Stainless steel beauty. Perfect for keeping the chill at bay while you and your mates play!

Fairly well reviewed, with a weighted base and made from durable high grade stainless steel. But how does it compare to other table-top patio heaters on the market?

With an adjustable 4000W of power, running on propane we think you’ll love this offering from Firefly. Offering a fully guarded reflector as well as advanced built-in safety features lternatives on the market, if you’re looking for this particular model you won’t be disappointed. Priced at £99.99 when initially reviewed — we were pleasantly surprised at the build quality.

How long will my gas tank last in the Firefly 4000W heater?

We base these figured on full power usage. Your mileage may vary!


Tank (KG)Hours

How much does the Firefly 4000W heater cost to run?

As we’re looking at gas heaters the cost of consumption below is based on ownership of an existing gas bottle, as these can cost anywhere from £15 to £39.99 new (and empty!).

A bottle of 13kg propane patio gas from Calor costs £32. This patio heater will use approximately 0.33kg of propane per hour at full power (4000W)

We calculate the hourly usage as follows:

4000W heater running costs:

13kg * 3 = 39 hours
£32 / 39 hours = 0.82p

At full power we can expect this patio heater to cost us approximately 82p per hour.
At half power we can expect this patio heater to cost us approximately 41p per hour.

If you’ve got the heater on full power for 3 hours a night we’ll get about 13 days usage before you’ll need a refill!

It’s not the cheapest heater on the market and costs a fair amount to run, but if you’re looking for a table-top gas patio heater that packs a punch then this is the one for you.

Is this patio heater suitable for home or commercial use?

We’d recommend using this heater in a home environment only as there are more suitable commercial patio heaters that are more fitting a commercial setting.

Heater Specifications

  • Type of heater: Gas, Propane
  • Suitable for: Home Users
  • Weighs: Unknown
  • Comes with: Snap connect hose, gas & hose regulator
  • Height: 88cm
  • Bottom diameter: 53.5cm
  • Power settings: Adjustable up to 4000W
  • Features: Safety cut out, Guarded reflector, Stainless steel
  • Cost to run (per hour):82p per hour on full power
  • Additional info: Anti-tilt safety

PatioMate’s Thoughts

7.6Expert Score
Firefly 4kW Premium Table-Top Heater
This cost effective stainless steel patio heater will keep you and your family warm through those cold autumnal nights and won't break the bank!
  • Stainless steel build
  • Safety cut out
  • Guarded reflector
  • Comes with hose and regulator
  • High power
  • Fairly costly to run
  • Suitable for home users only
  • Somewhat difficult to put together

A great mid-range table-top heater. Although other users have reported difficulty putting the product together.

Firefly are a trusted brand, and this is a good product when priced around the £80-100 price point. There’s nothing wrong with it, but there are other products available on the market at a cheaper price point that do the same thing.

Available from the following Vendors:

4KW Table Top Gas Patio Heater Heatlab®
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Firefly 4KW Premium Stainless Steel Table Top Garden Outdoor Gas Patio Heater
out of stock

Specification: Firefly 4kW Table-Top Gas Patio Heater


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