Garden Glow 15kW Circle Flame Garden Patio Heater

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The Garden Glow 15kW gas fired patio heater. A wonderful additional to any garden or outdoor patio area.

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Our first review of a Garden Glow patio heater and what a heater to start with! This would make a great centerpiece at any outdoor function for the home or in any commercial setting. Priced from just £229.99 with an optional heater cover for £24.99.

Garden Glow 15,000W Gas Circle Flame Garden Patio Heater

Standing at a whopping 2.11m tall this gas patio heater is sure to turn a few heads. It is built from powder-coated durable steel which offers some protection against the elements. Although we would recommend spending the extra to buy the patio heater cover to keep it in good condition.

Heating Area

While there is no official statement on the heating area provided by the manufacturers, we would expect the heating coverage from this gas fired heater to be in the region of 10-15sqm based on an output of 51210BTUs.

This is perfect for keeping a large crowd of people warm at home or at a pub or restaurant perhaps.

Heating Type

The official manual states this patio heater will run on either Propane or Butane.

Power Settings & Specifics

Garden Glow have stated this gas heater has an adjustable power control knob, but haven’t mentioned the consumption range. We would expect it to allow control from 5kW to 15kW if it’s anything like the Samos heater from Firefly.


This patio heater is an absolute show stopper. If you run commercial events or are looking to turn a few heads at home, you won’t fail to do so with the Garden Glow circle flame patio heater. Available in a brushed brown steel colour with a white reflector.

Not only does this heater provide an ample source of heat, it also provides ample light and is a wonderful focal point of any outdoor area.

Features & Extras

There are no specifics on any extras or features unfortunately. From the looks of it you’ll receive a free hose and piezo ignition but will have to fork out extra for the gas regulator. It does come with wheels and storage for the gas tank underneath as well as a 2 year warranty though!

Suitable For

Perfect for commercial and home users alike. We feel this goes without saying, but please only use this heater outdoors!

How much does the Garden Glow 15kW Heater cost to run?

A refill of a 19kg propane patio gas costs approximately £42. This gas heater will use approximately 1.25kg of gas per hour!

We calculate the hourly usage as follows:

15000W heater running costs based on a 19kg refill (£42):

19kg / 1.25 = 15.2 (hours per tank)
£42 / 15.4 hours = £2.76p

At full power we can expect this patio heater to cost us approximately £2.76 per hour.
At half power we can expect this patio heater to cost us approximately £1.38 per hour.

15000W heater running costs based on a 13kg refill (£32):

13kg / 1.25 = 10.4 (hours per tank)
£32 / 10.4 hours = £3.08p

At full power we can expect this patio heater to cost us approximately £3.08 per hour.
At half power we can expect this patio heater to cost us approximately £1.54 per hour.

It’s not cheap to run, but if you’re in the events / entertainment industry or have the cash to splash then this patio heater will really turn heads.

Keep plenty of tanks spare as you can expect 10-15 hours of usage on full power per 13kg tank!

How long with my gas tank last with the Garden Glow 15kW patio heater?

These figures are based on full power consumption and are weather dependent but will give you a rough guide on what to expect depending on the tank size purchased.

Tank (KG) Hours
3.9 3.12
4.5 3.6
5 4
6 4.8
7 5.6
13 10.4
15 12
19 15.2
47 37.6

Heater Specifications


  • Type of heater: Gas, Floor Standing
  • Suitable for: Home, Commercial
  • Comes with: Gas Hose
  • Height: 211cm
  • Depth: 54cm
  • Weight: 17.4kg
  • Power settings: 5kW to 15kW Variable
  • Cost to run (per hour): From £1.03p per hour with a 12kg tank
  • Additional: Powder-coated steel construction, Patio heater cover


PatioMate’s Thoughts

This heater is a great alternative to the Firefly Samos heater. It’s a similar build with slightly different specifications. You’re saving about £70 by buying this heater although you’ll need a regulator and we definitely recommend the cover.

It’s stylish but it costs a fair amount to run. If you’re in the market for a powerful gas patio heater though, this could be perfect for you!

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Specification: Garden Glow 15kW Circle Flame Garden Patio Heater


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Garden Glow 15kW Circle Flame Garden Patio Heater
Garden Glow 15kW Circle Flame Garden Patio Heater

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