Garden Glow 4kW Table Top Patio Heater

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This beautifully crafted table top gas fired patio heater is what dreams are made of. With adjustable heat, piezo ignition and a 2-year guarantee. You couldn’t ask for much more!

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Another Garden Glow heater today. A stainless steel / aluminium table top gas powered heater with adjustable heat controls and optional cover.

Garden Glow – 4kW Table Top Patio Heater Review

Standing at 90cm tall, this gas table top patio heater will provide adjustable heat from 7,000-11,000BTUs consuming between 2kW and 4kW with a flux of 450-945g/hour making this heater fairly economical as far as gas fired heaters go!

Heating Area

The manufacturers have not stated the heating area provided by this heater, but we would assume it provides between 4-6sqm of heat. Which is perfectly suited to keep you and your guests warm around the table!

Heating Type

This gas fired heater will use Propane or Butane gas.

Power Settings & Specifics

The Garden Glow 4kW table top heater has an adjustable control knob, offering the choice of between 2kW and 4kW of power consumption and 7-11k BTUs.


Unlike the Kingfisher 4kW table top heater, which is constructed from steel and then powder coated, this heater is built from stainless steel and aluminium, offering superior rust protection. We are big fans of the simplistic yet solid design of this heater, and we’re sure you will too.

Features & Extras

This heater is supplied with a 204cm long gas hose and gas regulator making it more affordable than other table top heaters on the market (with the exception being the Oypla 4kW table top heater – which is powder coated steel rather than stainless steel).

It also has a handy piezo ignition system as standard and a 2 year warranty! Far surpassing that of its competitiors.

We would recommend buying the weatherproof patio heater cover as well to protect your heater from the elements.

Suitable For

Perfect for the home or commercial user. Although as with all gas fired patio heaters, we recommend you only use them outdoors!

How much does the Garden Glow 4kW Heater cost to run?

Based on a 4000W table top patio heater & a 13kg tank of gas costing £32

12000W = 1kg (1kg of usage per 12000W per hour)
4000W / 12000W = 0.33kg (4000W usage per hour)

12kg / 0.25kg = 36.36 hours per 12kg tank of gas

£32 / 36.36 hours = £0.88 per hour

Half power 2kW = £0.88 / 2 = £0.44 per hour

How long with my gas tank last with the Kingfisher 4kW patio heater?

This depends on the size of your tank, but we’ve got you covered whatever your tank size! These figures are based on full power usage.

Tank (KG)Hours

Heater Specifications

  • Type of heater: Gas, Table Top
  • Suitable for: Home, Commercial
  • Comes with: Gas Hose & Regulator
  • Height: 90cm
  • Diameter: 53.3cm
  • Weight: 5kg
  • Power settings: 2kW to 4kW Variable
  • Cost to run (per hour): From 44p per hour with a 13kg tank
  • Additional: Piezo Ignition, Optional Patio Heater Cover

PatioMate’s Thoughts

This is a solid table top patio heater. Supplied with everything you need (aside from gas!) and although it requires some assembly, it shouldn’t take too long to get everything up and running. With weatherproof properties, an extra long hose supplied and a 2 year guarantee, this is a fantastic deal for home and commercial users alike.

An absolute must buy from us!

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Specification: Garden Glow 4kW Table Top Patio Heater


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