Patio Heaters suitable for the Home

If you’re looking for a new patio heater for the home, then look no further! We’ve reviewed an assortment of outdoor and indoor heaters suitable for your garden, conservatory, garage, shed or wherever else it is you’re looking to heat up.

Most home electric patio heaters have multiple heat settings, with the most common ones offering varying settings from 450W to 2000W, although there are a few that offer 15000W+ output, if you’re really looking to keep toasty.

These heaters are more suited to the home than for commercial users as they’re usually a lot cheaper to purchase and run than commercial patio heaters. Most electric heaters have a bulb life of 2500 to 5000 hours and consume in the region of 6-24pence per hour in electricity. While their gas counterparts will consume between 50p to £1 worth of gas per hour.

Do check back regularly for all the latest offers, deals and reviews on the best home patio heaters on the market.

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