Alfresco Heaters Gas & Electric Patio Heaters & Fire Tables

Alfresco Heaters are an Irish based company that provide commercial grade patio heaters and fire tables for the home and commercial sector.

They have three patio heater ranges.

The single element: ALF25, ALF30, ALF40

Dual element: ALF50, ALF60 and ALF80

Advanced Range: ALFS25, ALFS40, ALFS50

Prices range from £250.00 to £600+ – these are commercial grade heaters with a 2-year warranty, long element life, easily sourced replacement parts and fantastic customer support.

They also have a delightful range of fire tables.

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Alfresco Heaters 2.5kW ALF25 Patio Heater

Alfresco Heaters 2.5kW ALF25 Patio Heater

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