Commercial Patio Heaters

We’ve reviewed these patio and outdoor heaters and have found that they’re better suited for commercial and industrial premises. So if you’re looking to keep your pub clientele drinking through the cold nights, keep your diners toasty in the evening, or offer your catering clients something a little extra read on and find the perfect patio heater for your business.Most commercial patio heaters require slightly more in terms of upfront costs and can have a higher maintenance cost due to the amount of power they consume, but they are more suited to large restaurants, cafes, warehouses, nightclubs, bars and more. We do have a selection of patio heaters suitable for the home which can be used in commercial situations if you can’t find what you’re looking for here. Keep checking back for the latest discounts, reviews and deals on your next commercial patio heater.

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Tansun 2kW Sorrento SOR 220IP

Tansun 2kW Sorrento Low Glare Patio Heater

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Alfresco ALF80 8kW Wall Mounted Patio Heater

Alfresco Heaters 8kW ALF80 Patio Heater

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