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Read all of our reviews and deals on bouncy castles for sale in the U.K. Perfect for domestic and commercial users.

All of our reviews contain all the crucial information you could need on your next purchase, including dimensions, technical details, capacity, weight limit, recommended ages and any extras the castle may be supplied with.

Make your next outdoor (or indoor) event a special one. You’ll be able to find a bouncy castle perfect for any event, whether it’s a birthday party, family gathering or just spoiling the kids.

Before investing in a bouncy castle please read through our helpful guide below. Or why not read our post on our top 10 best bouncy castles for 2017?

Finding The Right Bouncy Castle

Bouncy castles come in a range of shapes and sizes. Some are great for toddlers, others for little kids and older children and if you’ve got the budget, some are suitable for adults!

When shopping around, try to get the most bounce for your money. Always check the maximum weight limit and recommended maximum child capacity. The more you spend, the higher these limits are likely to be.

Happy Hop bouncers are great for buyers who want everything supplied in one handy bag. They’re supplied with the air pump, anchor points, storage bag and repair kit.

Other cheaper castles (in the £30-£100 range) will only come with the castle and maybe a repair kit.

Bouncy Castle Safety

Ground Preparation for Outdoor Castles

If you’re planning on installing your bouncy castle indoors, then make sure you’ve removed anything sharp or solid that your kids may hurt themselves on in the surrounding area. Before setting up your outdoor bouncy castle, clear the ground of rubbish, sticks, sharp things, rocks or anything else that could potentially puncture your castle.

We also recommend investing in a groundsheet (PVC/Tarp) to prolong the lifespan of your bouncy castle.

Anchor Points

Larger bouncy castles are supplied with anchor points and pegs. You MUST anchor your bouncy castle to the ground before using it.

Inflated castles have a tendency to take flight if they aren’t anchored and this can cause fatal injuries to bouncers. Don’t take the risk.

Remove All Jewellery and Shoes Before Bouncing

To prevent damage to your bouncy castle, remove all shoes and jewellery before bouncing. This will prevent punctures or tears in the fabric or PVC.

Maintenance and Cleaning

When you’re done with your bouncy castle, grab your hoover and remove any dirt or grass that may have accumulated on the bouncer. You can clean away any dirt or stains with a mixture of washing up liquid and water.

For bouncers with water features, ensure the castle has had a chance to air dry or wipe away any water before packing it away to prevent mould growth.

How Much Bounce Can I Get For My Money?

Residential bouncy castles vary wildly in price. With cheaper bouncers suitable for 1-2 children costing anywhere between £30 to £120. These castles tend to be built from inferior vinyl and aren’t particularly durable.

Mid-range castles cost between £120 up to £500 and will be suitable for toddlers all the way up to children aged 10-12. Most have a maximum capacity of 2-6 children. They are traditionally built from heavy grade PVC and re-enforced with double-stitched bonds. With proper care and attention, these castles will last for years.

Top-range castles range from £500 to the thousands. These are usually commercial grade castles, rated for rental and suitable for a bouncy castle for hire businesses.


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