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An Introduction to Trampolines

Trampolines offer great value for money when compared to other outdoor toys. They provide children and adults alike a way to keep fit, whilst engaging in a high-energy consumption activity.

Before investing in one, please read our short introduction to the different styles and types of trampoline – there are a fair few available and it can be a bit overwhelming at first, but fear not — PatioMate are here to help!

You can view all of our trampolines reviews below. Each review covers value for money, affordability and goes into details about the size, shape and features the trampoline offers, as well as our thoughts on it.

If you know what you want already, please use the navigation buttons below, or keep reading if you’d like help picking the best trampoline for you.

Trampoline Styles

Trampoline come in all shapes and sizes, but most have a standard circle frame and are measured by the diameter of the metal frame (not the actual jumping surface itself).

Prices can vary quite a lot, depending on whether you want an in-ground or above ground trampoline. In ground trampolines require more ground preparation than their counterpart, but you’ll find that they’re more aesthetically pleasing.

Whereas above ground trampolines are the easier of the two to set up and can be a fair bit cheaper.

Trampoline Sizes

The majority of trampoline available on the market come in the following sizes: 6ft, 8ft, 10ft, 12ft, 14ft & 15ft.

You can find smaller trampolines (4ft), but these are aimed at toddlers and babies, whereas larger sized trampolines are aimed at older children.

Trampoline Shapes

You also need to decide on what shape trampoline you want.

Circle trampolines are the cheapest of the lot and are the most common, oval trampolines are great for those of us with odd shaped gardens and rectangle trampolines are for those serious about trampolining as a sport or involved in gymnastics.

Safety Enclosures

We highly recommend purchasing a safety enclosure for above ground trampolines. They are surprisingly affordable and will keep your little ones safe from an untimely and painful exit!

For in ground trampolines, we recommend purchasing safety mats, although the risk of injury is somewhat reduced with these types of trampolines, as the falling height is smaller.

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