Best Corten Steel Water Features: Our Favourites for 2024

Corten steel, also known as weathering steel or (cor-ten) is becoming quite the growing trend when it comes to contemporary garden design. It is a bold contender against the favoured solid steel or traditional cast iron materials. Gaining fast popularity with designers, landscapers and architects alike, its rustic value provides the perfect luxurious setting against any backdrop be it indoors or out.

Info: Stockists are currently not shipping or have minimal stock of corten steel features – we recommend visiting Harrod Horticultural or Primrose or checking out the best sellers below for in-stock items.

Corten steel use within gardens creates a bold and opulent setting for entertaining, it is timeless when set against the backing of a floral garden and goes equally well in a courtyard.

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The Best Corten Steel Water Features

What is Corten Steel & How Does it Work?

Corten Steel is quite remarkable in its design, over time and exposure it develops its own protective and striking rust appearance.

How? I hear you ask. Well, Corten Steel has a has a chemical composition that causes a very dense oxidisation layer to form during its weathering process. If the protective layer is compromised the steel will simply build a new layer in order to protect the blue steel within, making this material one of the most resistant available to any atmospheric corrosion that other materials cannot withstand.

Weathering Process for Corten Steel
The different stages of oxidising or weathering Corten steel.

How Long Does Corten Steel Take to Oxidise?

The weathering process itself is built of stages and can take some time to complete, a good estimate is three to nine months, however once it has fully rusted you will have a most beautiful feature and one that is sure to last the test of time.  During the weathering process you may notice water becoming discoloured, this can be minimised by using chlorine tablets, do take up some research on local wild and plant life if you intend to use collected water from a feature to tend to your garden as chlorinated water can leave scorch marks on your grass and be harmful to wildlife.

Remember, the sooner you set your feature up, the sooner the weathering can begin. If you’re desperate for that glamorous rusted glow before the end of BBQ season, avoid disappointment by ordering now!

Whether you’re looking to add a small water feature to your pond or a large waterfall statement piece for your entrance hall or hotel lobby, PatioMate have selected the best Corten Steel water features available on the market.

Our Favourite Corten Steel Water Features for 2024

60cm Corten Steel Water Bowl/Dish

Cheap & Cheerful

This beautiful 60cm water bowl is ideal for smaller gardens and would look incredible beside an old water pump.

The dimensions are D60cm x H14cm, set on a 20cm x 3cm stand.

The Corten steel is 3mm thick and this delightful bowl is available in 5 sizes, 60cm, 80cm, 100cm, 120cm & 150cm. The sizes available are ideal if you want to landscape around a set of them as a feature.

Buying a group of them in differing sizes to set at different locations would create beautiful and relaxing imagery against a plush green background.

90cm Corten Steel Blade Cascade Waterfall

A great entry level corten steel waterfall

Köhko Waterfall ALBERTA 45 CM corten steel (30-90 CM) Aquafall water feature Cascade

£119.95 in stock
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Last update was on: 18/05/2024 1:43 am

This 90cm cascade weathering steel waterfall is going to look incredible whether beside a pond or paired with one of our Water Bowls, or just about anywhere that it can be installed. You can connect the hose either to the rear or bottom of the waterfall for a more versatile blade.

It can be mounted on or in a wall so if you’re looking for a unique water feature to be built into a new garden wall, this is one not to be missed. You won’t be disappointed by the rusted orange bloom once the weathering process is complete.

The Arc Cascade Waterfall

Luxury and elegance in one

Primrose Corten Steel Three Tiered Tubes Water Feature with LED Lights - 1.37m

£257.98 in stock
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Last update was on: 18/05/2024 1:43 am

Much like the Blade Waterfall but with a more contemporary twist. The Arc reminds us of beautiful city architecture and would be very well suited in a modern or contemporary landscaped garden.

The dimensions for the elegant feature are L30cm x W20cm x H15cm and it weighs 1.5kg.

Waterfalls can serve the duel purpose of helping to oxygenate your ponds to prevent algae build up, as well as adding a luxurious touch to your outdoor space. It can be mounted on or in a wall so can be incorporated well into new designs as well as complementing established gardens.

We think a row of them spaced well enough apart around one edge of a pond would look divine.

Three Tiered Water Feature With LED Lights

This self-contained three tiered water feature with pump included is as elegant as it is beautiful. It has been constructed from 100% recycled plastic and so is environmentally friendly. Though there are many similar water features on the market we much prefer the aesthetic of the Corten Steel option and feel it would be a wonderful purchase for any style of garden.

The overall height including reservoir is 1.37m.  The dimensions for the tubes are as follows; Tall Tube H100cm, Medium Tube H75cm, Small Tube H50cm, All tubes are 7.5cm in diameter. Reservoir D40cm.

The cable length is 10m making it very versatile in where you want to locate it in comparison to alternatives.

The LED ‘Ultra Bright’ lights are colour changing and fade slowly between purple, green, red and blue. There is no need to produce a water attachment as it is self contained, with only the occasional requirement for the water to be topped up. If you’re looking to buy a low maintenance option then this is the water feature for you. Like all the Corten Steel options, there is no need to paint or maintain it, the steel cares for itself.

Halton Corten Steel Waterfall & Planter / Trough

Our favourite corten steel planter for 2024!

Aterno3 40cm Steel Sphere on Corten Steel Base With LED Lights

Last update was on: 18/05/2024 1:43 am

Setting new standards for keen gardeners, this Halton Corten Steel Waterfall & Planter / Trough is functional and stylish in any garden. With an impressive 50 watt pump included you can simply set it up, and watch it bloom delightfully with deep orange rust whilst emitting a most satisfying cascading water sound.

We’re big fans of the corten steel planters and this is by far our favourite.

The dimensions are; H89cm x W40cm x D41cm. The cable length is an impressive 10m, making it one of the most generous water feature cables available on the market currently.

If you’re looking for a night time feature for your gardens entertaining space, this is a must buy. There is an LED light built into the cascade which illuminates the feature. The upper planting section is just the right size for a small herb garden or place for favoured plants.

If you wanted to mix it up a bit you could incorporate an adorable miniature Zen garden and stone arrangement in the space instead for a maintenance free option.

Aterno3 Corten Steel Sphere With Lights

We all love water spheres!

Primrose 4ft (120cm) Corten Steel Vertical Water Wall with LED lights

£807.98 in stock
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Last update was on: 18/05/2024 1:43 am

If you are looking for a talking point for your front or back garden, this is a must have item. The mix of Stainless Steel and Corten Steel is not only striking to the eye but pleasing to the ears as you listen to the wonderful sound of water trickling down the sphere. This corten steel water sphere is made from a grade 304 polished stainless steel, resting on a Corten Steel base. It is suitable for outdoor use and as it is self contained it requires minimal upkeep.

Dimensions are; Sphere D40cm, Base H20cm x W50cm x D50cm. 10M Cable length for perfect positioning within your outdoor space.

This eye catching piece comes complete with pump and LED light to be sure to instil a harmonious atmosphere day or night.  It is sure to be a sell-out this season, buy now to avoid disappointment!

120cm Corten Steel Vertical Water Wall with LED Lights

Water walls

Primrose 5ft 8" / 1.74m Corten and Stainless Steel Weathered Water Wall with Lights

Last update was on: 18/05/2024 1:43 am

This impressive water wall would look delightful beside roses. At 4ft (120cm) the water wall stands proud without becoming overbearing in any size garden. Scroll down for larger and more domineering designs. At dusk the LED lights illuminate the wall for an outstanding ambience. Celebrated for ease of management, the Corten Steel water wall need only be installed and have water added and topped up, no further work is required, so you can rest easy and truly enjoy your free time.

The dimensions are; H120cm x W70cm x D35cm.

This self-contained water feature will be the talking point of BBQs and outdoor parties alike, with its calming and hypnotising cascading water. This feature is both rustic and bold, suitable for brightening up any space and is also sure to become a firm favourite this summer.

Corten and Stainless Steel Weathered Water Wall with Lights (1.74m)

6ft (175cm) Corten Steel Vertical Water Wall with LED lights

£657.98 in stock
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Last update was on: 18/05/2024 1:43 am

This beautiful water wall could be mistaken for a masterpiece art installation and will certainly be the envy of your friends and neighbours. It is easy to see why this water wall has made PatioMates favourites of 2019. At a commanding 1.74m /5ft8” in height and with the appearance of dragon or mermaid scales this is truly a beauty to behold.

The dimensions are; H174.5cm x W61cm x D26cm. The depth of the wall is 10cm, set back on the reservoir base.

The glamorous coupling of Stainless and Corten Steel is breathtaking, “Why stop there?” the designers muttered to themselves. Somehow, we have been gifted a truly stunning piece of design and engineering. From the perfect detailing, to the shimmering of water as it falls down the beautiful Corten, lit up like a fairy tale and all in such tremendous harmony that no part clashes with another.

It looks elegant and complex but together it is flawless and effortless both in its style and in its use.  It is self contained, so no need to delay whilst you wait for a plumber. Buy it soon if you love it as we do, they wont be in stock for long when that British sun finally makes an appearance.

Corten Steel Vertical Water Wall with LED Lights (6ft/175cm)

This gorgeous self-contained water wall is built solidly of Corten Steel, creating an incredibly bold and opulent design fit for royalty. The LED lights illuminate the steel at dusk, allowing the water to glisten in a most stunning way. The self-contained design means that you need only install and add water, then sit back and enjoy your beautiful work of art as you watch it slowly bloom into a true masterpiece.

The dimensions are; H175cm x W120cm D40cm. Supplied complete with hose kit.

If you’re looking for a focal point to base your garden design around, this may just be the one for you. It is large enough to draw the eye yet not too overstated that it would detract from floral arrangements if you didn’t want it to, making it versatile and for the size you will be getting a true steel.

100cm Corten Steel Round Water Sculpture

At 100cm in diameter, this large water sculpture will be taking pride of place in a landscaped garden or as a decadent patio feature alike. Made from 3mm thick Corten Steel and weighing an impressive 98kg, it will be a pleasure to watch this piece transform from the comfort of your lounger.

The dimensions are D100cm x H75cm.

With LED lighting, this gentle giant will bring to your soirées a subtle ambience that exudes luxury. Laid back in style and virtually maintenance free, there is no good reason to skip over this for a stainless steel alternative. Topping up the water supply is all the work you’d need to do and it would be easy to remember as you’d want to sit beside this sculpture at every opportunity.

Corten Steel Feature Pond

Corten Steel Water Wall Indoor

Last update was on: 18/05/2024 1:43 am

Looking for something a little different? What can I say about this majestic design piece, it takes my breath away just to think of how glorious it would be to become its keeper. Watching this huge feature pond transform from blue steel through an incredible weathering process will be like watching a slow metamorphosis from tiny caterpillar to astounding butterfly.

When it blooms, it will bloom most beautifully. If you’re looking for a show stopper, this is for you, particularly if you enjoy entertaining. Your home will become the favoured party spot for all your friends and family, even your neighbours would jump the fence to talk to you about this pond.

The dimensions are L300cm x W150 x H60.5.
Pond wall and other accessories are available separately.
Pairing this pond with The Arc Water Cascade Waterfall would be perfection magnified.

I have never seen anything like it before and though stock wont last long I will dream the dream of having one of my own for as long as I may live.

Get yours today before it’s too late, do it for me, do it for you, do it for the neighbour you wish you could know a little better, do it for the fish who have lived their whole lives in bowls just hoping for a lucky break.

Corten Steel Indoor Water Wall

If you’ve made it this far, maybe you too have been struck with confusion and delight at the intense colours and provocative artistic pieces that Corten Steel designers have produced for us.

I was sceptical at first about how rust could ever be considered beautiful, sure as a morbid curiosity in urban decay but I couldn’t see how it would work within the elegant setting of a garden. My mind has been changed and enraptured by the extravagant beauty that these blooming marvellous designs bring to any location.

As a keen jet-setter, I have stayed at many hotels and boutique hotels. Surprisingly, I have not come across one reception or lobby with Corten Steel incorporated into it yet.

Given that Corten Steel is one of the trendiest interior design pieces currently available, is the talk of designers and architects everywhere and has a steadily rising fan-base it would be a shame to miss out on what it can do for your business. If you are a Hotelier looking to renovate a tired interior, why not consider this gorgeous and mighty beast.

It is sure to be a talking point for your guests, it is easy to install, and effortless to maintain, you won’t even need to task an interior designer to rejuvenate your business.

As a self-contained water wall it collects water in the 200L reservoir at the base and continuously feeds back up and through the feature. The only work to be done is to top up the water as it slowly evaporates over time. The LED lighting would offer a serene night-time ambience for returning guests and staff alike.

If you’re not a Hotelier and still desire this feature, it would be incredible in a home spa, gym or entrance hall. The possibilities are endless, and with the Corten Steel repairing itself through oxygenation, it will hold up to the test of time indefinitely. What’s more, is that this particular piece comes in various sizes or custom sizes by special request, depending on the effect you want to achieve.

Now if you’ll excuse me, I’m going to go lay down beside my 20L plastic fish tank and daydream about summer.

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