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Our Top 3 At A Glance

1 Veito Blade S2500 2.5kW Electrical Waterproof Wall Mounted Patio Heater

Veito Blade S2500 2.5kW Electrical Waterproof Wall Mounted Patio Heater

Don't buy the Veito Blade S2500 before you've had a chance to read this review. You'll be glad you did!

Best seller 2 Firefly 2kW Water Resistant Electric Patio Heater

Firefly 2kW Water Resistant Electric Patio Heater

This entry level heater from Firefly offers 3 different temperature settings and comes with a weatherproof rating of IPX4. It's perfect for home users and extended those colder nights out in the garden. Affordably priced, with cheap replacement ...

3 Firefly 1.8kW Weatherproof Electric Slimline Patio Heater

Firefly 1.8kW Weatherproof Electric Slimline Patio Heater

We love Firefly heaters, they're built to last and come with an assortment of additional features. The Firefly 1.8kW Weatherproof Slimline Halogen Patio Heater is no exception. Supplied with remote control, PIR sensor (economy mode), built-in tilt ...


Our Top 10!

Best Patio Heaters for 2020

Outdoor & Garden Heater Buying Guide

Welcome to our post on our best patio heaters of 2020. We’ll be taking you through our favourite patio heaters of the year and covering topics like; running costs, fuel type, heating type & heat coverage. We’ll also go through the pros and cons of each of these garden heaters in detail!

Patio Heater Guide - Best Patio Heaters for 2019

Update - 11.06.19Update to content, added to guide and new patio heaters!
Update - 22.02.19Refreshed list for 2019 season.
Update - 13.09.18Updated out of stock heaters and fixed some minor errors for the August 2018 season.
Update - 06.02.18Added new sections: Different types of infrared. Different types of glare. New section at the bottom of the page covering all patio heaters on the site.
Update - 13.01.18Fixed listings and replaced out of stock items.
Update - 01.01.18Happy New Year!
Update - 25.12.17Merry Christmas. Congratulations to the winner of our Patio Heater giveaway!

We feel the need to mention that “best” is a subjective term, so rather than just produce a list of 10 random heaters, we have created a list of different heaters that excel in their particular field. We’ve based our list on cost effectiveness, style, consumption, popularity, as well as taking features and price into account.

Please do let us know what you think in the comments at the end and if you end up purchasing a heater, come back and leave a review for others to read!

Introduction to the Different Types of Patio Heaters

Before we get started, let’s cover some of the basics of the different types of patio heaters available on the market.

Whether you’re looking to provide heat in the garden, on the patio or deck, or even if you’re a commercial users that require heating in the pub, restaurant, club or smoking area, fear not. There are a huge number of practical solutions to outdoor and indoor heating depending on your requirements.

First you need to decide what style of patio heater you want, as they come in an array of different types, which include (but are not limited to) floor standing / free standing, ceiling mountedparasol, table top or wall mounted.

Once you’ve figured out the style of heater you’re after, you need to decide on which type of fuel you’re going to be using.

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Different Fuel Types

Most standard patio heaters will consume either gas or electricity. There are other types of heaters on the market that consume bio-fuel, wood (or alternative solid-fuels) and ethanol heaters, but they aren’t “traditional” patio heaters and tend to fall under either chimineas or fire tables.

Different Patio Heater Fuel Types

The vast majority of patio heaters will consume either electricity or gas as their energy source.

If you’re looking for something different, there are a few unique products on the market, we’re fans of the fire table style heaters – although be warned, they come at a cost.

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Efficiency, Energy Consumption & Heating Type

Consumption is measured in Watts – e.g 2000W or 2kW but consumption doesn’t indicate efficiency or heat output, so buying a higher wattage heater won’t necessarily result in more heat! We’re looking for BTUs (British Thermal Units) and heat coverage as our primary indicator of efficiency.

For example a 3kW Gas Powered Patio Heater vs a 3kW Electric Powered Patio Heater will yield vastly different results as shown below.

Heater TypeConsumption (W)Heat CoverageHourly Running Cost
Electric3000W30sqmApprox £0.45
Gas3000W5-7sqmApprox £0.62

It doesn’t end there, as these heaters also offer different types of heat. Gas heaters will provide convective heat, which means it heats the air around it as well as objects in the nearby vicinity. In contrast, most electric heaters will give off radiant heat, usually via infrared bulbs or elements, be it quartz, halogen, carbon, ceramic or otherwise!

An advanced 3000W electric infrared heater will be able to provide heat coverage for up to 30sqm, whereas a 3000W table top gas patio heater will provide around 5-7sqm of coverage.

The cost of running a patio heater isn’t just limited to what you’ve paid for it and the cost of fuel, be it gas or electric. You’ve also got to factor in how long the heater and parts will last. For example, a cheap gas patio heater with powder coating and no waterproof cover will rust after 1 season, so we recommend that you purchase a gas stainless steel patio heater whenever possible, as these last substantially longer for just a few quid more.

If you’re choosing an electric patio heater (which we recommend over gas heaters, but you won’t always have access to an outlet so we won’t preach!) – you’ll find that the patio heating unit itself will last “forever” but you have to be mindful that the elements or lamps within these heaters need replacing after a certain number of hours. Traditionally halogen and quartz bulbs or elements last between 3,000 to 5,000 hours, while carbon elements tend to last 7,000 to 10,000+ hours!

We’ve given you a rundown of the average life expectancy and cost of the different types of electric heaters below. As a general rule of thumb, the more you pay for the heater, the longer the elements will last and more bells and whistles it’ll come with. Replacement elements will be more expensive but will also need replacing less often.

Commercial users or those of you that need to heat a larger area will do better with patio heaters that use carbon elements, whereas home users may be better off with halogen or quartz heaters.

Element / Bulb TypeLifespan (Hours)Heater CostReplacement ElementHeating Area (sqm)Consumption (Watts)
Halogen3,000 to 5,000£30-80£8-253 to 12900 to 3,000
Quartz3,000 to 5,000£30-200£8-605 to 151,200 to 3,000
Ceramic5,000 to 10,000£100-400+£30-6010 to 301,200 to 4,000
Carbon Fibre7,000 to 10,000+£70-400+£35-12015 to 352,000 to 4,000

Electric heaters are by and large the most efficient of the two, as they convert over 94% of the energy consumed into heat and produce up to 90% less Co2 emissions than their gas counterparts. They also cost substantially less over the course of time than gas heaters.

Curious how much a patio heater costs to run? Or how long a bottle of gas will last in a patio heater?

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Features of Each Heater & Suitability

Another thing to look out for, is the added features of each heater. Whether it’s a free protective cover, a remote control, glare reduction or suitability for indoor or outdoor usage.

All of the heaters listed today are suitable for garden or outdoor use and all the electric heaters listed can be used indoors as well!

When looking at protection from the elements, you’ll be looking for an ingress protection (weatherproof / waterproof) rating of at least IPX4, which would indicate protection against splashing water. Most electric heaters come with a rating of IPX4 or above, but some go as high as IP67 – offering complete protection against dust ingress and submersion in water up to a depth of 1 metre! Most users won’t need a fully weatherproof heater but try to aim for IPX4 and above. You can read more on IP ratings here.

If you’re looking for an electric patio heater that can be used outdoors, whatever the weather, then make sure it has an ingress protection rating (IP rating) of at least IPX4.

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Different Types of Infrared & Glare, Low-Glare or No-Glare?

Electric patio heaters offer one of three different types of infrared heat: A) Short-wave or “near” infrared, with operating temperatures up to 2,700C. B) Infrared or “middlewave / medium” infrared heat operating at temperatures between 500 to 800C. C) Far-infrared or “longwave” infrared with temperatures of less than 500C.


3 different types of patio heaters showing the different types of glare that they produce.

These infrared heaters are different to the traditional fan heaters that you may have come across, or had to use when your boiler is on the fritz, which provide convectional heat by heating up a coil and blowing air over it to heat a room.

In terms of glare, it’s quite simple – ceramic heaters provide no glare as there are no light emitting elements, carbon fibre heaters tend to be glare or no-glare with light reduction elements, usually gold covered, which increases heat coverage by up to 20%. Halogen and Quartz offer glare or low glare options. Low glare elements are more expensive due to the increased manufacturing cost but may come with an extra 2,000 hours of lifespan.

Heater TypeInfrared TypeGlare TypeType of “Heat”Operating Temperature
HalogenNear InfraredGlare or Low GlareHot / IntenseUp to 2,700C
QuartzNear & Medium InfraredGlare or Low GlareMedium500 to 800C
CeramicFar InfraredNo GlareComfortableLess than 500C
Carbon FibreFar InfraredGlare or Low GlareComfortableLess than 500C

Carbon and ceramic heaters offer a much “cooler” far-infrared heat, making them more practical in commercial spaces. They may cost more but they’re worth every penny.

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The Difference Between Gas & Electric Patio Heaters

Most patio heaters use either gas or electricity to generate heat. Electric patio heaters are by far the cheaper and more eco-friendly of the two, as they produces up to 90% less Co2 emissions than a gas heater. They are also less noisy and consume less energy. With the added benefit of being somewhat cheaper to run and purchase than gas patio heaters.

Infrared electric heaters and halogen heaters heat up surfaces (radiant heat), which makes them more efficient than gas heaters which heat up the air around them (convective heat).

Gas heaters may have a lower upfront cost for commercial users that need to heat a large area – however there is a diminishing cost savings when you factor in the cost of gas (LPG/Butane/Propane)

For example, you can buy a 15000W gas patio heater with a 52,000BTU output for approximately £300 + £60 gas tank. To get the same BTU from a commercial electric heater you’d need to spend closer to £1,350 on multiple heaters (a Veito Blade 2000 has 9000BTU’s on full power). So we can say that gas heaters have a lower upfront cost in terms of power output vs initial investment.

However the gas patio heater will consume approximately 1.25kg of gas per hour. This quickly eats into our initial savings.

A 15000W gas patio heater will provide heating coverage for approximately 15-25sqm, whereas each Veito 2000 can provide heat for up to 25sqm. We don’t need the same level of BTU output to achieve the same level of heat coverage.

Patio HeaterHeat CoverageBTUsUpfront CostCost Per Hour
Samos 15kW (Gas)15-25sqm52,000£300£3.08
Veito 2000 (Electric)25sqm9,000£250£0.29

Assuming you have access to electricity, the Veito 2000 is £50 cheaper to purchase and costs £2.79 less per hour to run! As always there are cheaper alternatives to these two heaters that offer similar specifications, but the running costs will still stay the same.

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How Much Does It Cost to Run a Patio Heater?

If you just need a rough idea on how much it costs to run your patio heater — A 2kW electric heater on full power will cost about 30pence an hour (based on an average cost of 14.7p per kWh) while a 15kW gas patio heater costs about £3.00 an hour (based on a 13kg tank refill costing £33).

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Running Costs: Gas vs Electric Patio Heaters

Cost of Running a Commercial Gas Patio Heater

In this example we’re using a 15000W Firefly Samos patio heater with 52,000 BTUs.

15000W heater running costs based on a 13kg gas refill (£32):

13kg / 1.25kg = 10.4 (hours per tank)
£32 / 10.4 hours = £3.08p

At full power we can expect this patio heater to cost us approximately £3.08 per hour.

15000W heater running costs based on a 19kg gas refill (£42):

19kg / 1.25 = 15.2 (hours per tank)
£42 / 15.4 hours = £2.76p

At full power we can expect this patio heater to cost us approximately £2.76 per hour.

This is dependent on the size of the tank purchased. A smaller tank would cost more and inversely a larger tank would net larger savings – however most commercial heaters have limited space beneath.

This setup will provide heat for up to 25sqm

Cost of Running a Commercial Electric Patio Heater

In this example we’re using 5.7 x Veito Blade’s S2000 with a consumption of 11400W producing 52,000 BTUs.

Hourly electric heater running costs (5.7 x Veito blades 2000W vs 1 Firefly 15000W) – to achieve 52,000 BTU’s:

2kW x 1 hour = 2 kWh x 14.7p
(29.4p x 5.7) = £1.67 per hour for 52,000 BTU’s

So we can see an hourly saving of between £1.09 and £1.41 on an electric vs gas patio heater! But this setup will provide heat coverage for up to 142.5sqm compared to the singular gas heaters measly 25sqm!

We’d need to have these heaters running for 990 hours before seeing a saving (vs 19kg tank), but assuming conservative usage of 6 hours a day we’d break even after just 165 days. Each element is rated for 10,000 hours. So if we were to run a gas heater for 10k hours vs electric heaters for 10k hours we’d save between £9,910 and £13,110.

Gas: £360 + (10,000 hours x £3.09 – 13kg tank) = £31,160
Gas: £360 + (10,000 hours x £2.76 – 19kg tank) = £27,960

Electric: £1,350 + (10,000 hours x £1.67) = £18,050

Total cost savings over 10,000 hours vs 13kg tank – £13,110
Total cost savings over 10,000 hours vs 19kg tank – £9,910

What About Residential Patio Heaters?

Most home users won’t need 52,000BTUs to heat their patio, but for the sake of fairness we’ve shown just how much you can save on an electric heater vs a gas patio heater in a commercial setting. Home users will save even more especially on budget patio heaters.

We’ll do some quick calculations below to show you the difference in price between 2 entry level gas and electric heaters.

Fire Mountain 3000W Table-Top Patio Heater vs Oypla Electric 2000W Quartz Weatherproof Heater

Residential Gas Patio Heater Running Costs

A bottle of 13kg propane patio gas from Calor costs £32. Most modern patio heaters will use approximately 0.25kg of gas per hour at full power (3000W)

We calculate the hourly usage as follows:

3000W heater running costs:

13kg / 0.25kg = 52 hours
£32 / 52 hours = 0.62p

At full power we can expect this patio heater to cost us approximately 62p per hour.

£99.00 (heater) + £32 (gas bottle) = £131
5000 hours cost (bulb life of Oypla) = £3,100

Total cost over 5000 hours = £3,231

Home Electric Patio Heater Running Costs

2000W heater running costs:

2kW x 1 hour = 2 kWh x 14.7p = 29.2p
29.2p + 50% = 43.8p (3000W consumption cost)

£39.99 (heater)
5000 hours cost = £1,460
5000 hours cost at 3000W = £2,190

Total cost over 5000 hours = £1,499.99
Total cost over 5000 hours at 3000W = £2229.99

Our electric heater will cost us £1.001.01 less than our gas patio heater over a period of 5000 hours, or £1731.01 when factoring maximum consumption rate of 2000W.

In both instances we can see the electric heater is about 2/3rds of the price of the gas patio heater. We haven’t factored in transport costs of getting in replacement gas tanks either!

So if you’re looking to save money and reduce the impact on the environment, then electric heaters are the clear winner. If you’re not too fussed about costs or the environment then gas is for you! Bear in mind that the longer you use the gas heater, the larger the running cost difference will become.

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How Long Does a Gas Bottle Last in a Heater?

We’ve done the math for heaters ranging from 3000W to 15000W based on different tank sizes for you below so you don’t have to. We’ve erred on the side of caution with this list, your mileage may vary depending on ambient temperature but this table is correct to within +/- 10%.

The result you see below is the number of hours you can expect to get from a tank. To calculate the running cost, simply divide the cost of your gas tank (or refill) by the number of hours. E.G a 13kg tank refill for £33 providing power for a 13000W patio heater will last for 12 hours. £33 / 12 hours = £2.75 per hour.

Tank Size3.9kg4.5kg5kg6kg7kg11kg13kg15kg19kg47kg

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How Much Gas Does a Patio Heater Use?

The average modern day “efficient” patio heater will use approximately 1kg of gas (propane/lpg) per 12kW of power.

So to calculate how much gas you’ll use you need to use the following formula.

X = Gas Tank Size
Y = Wattage
Z = 12000

(X / (Y/Z)) or (12kg / (3000W/12000W)) = 48

Based on a 3000W table top patio heater & a 12kg tank of gas costing £33

12000W = 1kg (1kg of usage per 12000W per hour)
3000W / 12000W= 0.25kg (3000W usage per hour)

12kg divided by 0.25kg = 48 hours per 12kg tank of gas

Based on a 15000W patio heater & a 12kg tank of gas costing £33

12000W = 1kg (1kg of usage per 12000W per hour)
12000W (1kg) + 3000W (0.25kg) = 1.25kg (15000W usage per hour)

12kg divided by 1.25kg = 9.6 hours per 12kg tank of gas

Price Disclaimer

We’ve listed the latest price at the time of review and will endeavour to update this list as frequently as possible to keep prices in check.

If the price is missing for any of the items below, that usually means that the item is out of stock. If you’re finding that images aren’t displaying properly and no prices are showing then, please disable your ad-blocker as we do not use pop-up ads or adsense on our site.

10 Best Patio Heaters for 2020

Our favourite garden, patio & outdoor heaters in detail!

Now that we’ve sufficiently bored you with the basics, let’s get on with our list of our favourite garden heaters of the year!

🏆 Firefly 2kW Electric Weatherproof Infrared Garden Heater

Our Favourite Entry Level Heater – Best Budget Electric Patio Heater

Firefly 2KW FreeStanding Water Resistant Infared Electric Garden Outdoor Indoor Patio Heater - 3 Power Settings

£39.99 in stock
1 new from £39.99
Amazon Amazon.co.uk
Last update was on: 22nd January 2020 7:13 pm

Fuel Type : Electric | Heat Type : Infrared | Power : 2kW | Cost to Run : From 9.5p Per Hour
Features :
3 Power Settings & IPx4 Weatherproof Rating
Suitable for : 
Home Users
Usage : Indoors & Outdoors – Free Standing, Wall Mounted & Baseless
Reviewed on the 16th of May 2017

This was one of the first patio heaters reviewed on this website and with good reason! It has been the #1 best selling garden heater on Amazon and one of the most reasonably priced heaters on the market for years.

It comes in 3 different “formats” depending on your heating requirements and whether you want it floor standing, wall mounted or baseless. It also comes with a basic level of water protection. The quartz infrared bulbs are rated for up to 5,000 hours of life and the Firefly 2kW comes with a 2-year warranty.

This is a perfect starter heater for the home user that works both indoors & outdoors! Although the heating area is mediocre, expect some heat but not all that much coverage.

You can also get a discount of ~£5 if you order two heaters at the same time.

  • Cheap to Run
  • Weatherproof (IPX4)
  • Easy to Assemble & Adjustable Height
  • Multiple Power Settings
  • Long Element Life

  • Mediocre Heating Area
  • Leaves Something to be Desired Aesthetically

Available in 3 types – Wall Mounted Heater | Baseless Heater | Free Standing Heater

Oypla 2kW – Similar price with similar specifications
Optima Heaters 2kW – Similar price with superior weatherproof rating (IP45)
VonHaus 2kW Heater – Similar price & Settings
Prem-I-Air 2.7kW Heater – Substantially more expensive, more heat output & features

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Firefly 1.8kW Weatherproof Electric Slimline Garden Patio Heater

Stylish & Jam Packed With Features

Firefly 1.8kW Halogen Bulb Electric Infrared Slimline Outdoor Patio Heater with Remote Control Height 1.6M

£189.99 in stock
1 new from £189.99
Amazon Amazon.co.uk
Last update was on: 22nd January 2020 7:13 pm

Fuel Type : Electric | Heat Type : Infrared | Power : 1.8kW | Cost to Run : From 13.23p per hour
Features : 
Weatherproof rating IP55, 2 Power Settings, Built-in PIR Sensor, Remote Control
Suitable for : 
Home & Commercial Users
Usage : Suitable Indoors & Outdoors
Reviewed on the 28th of August 2017

This is a sleek and stylish weatherproof heater that boasts a number of additional features including a built in PIR sensor which will turn the heater off after no movement has been detected for 5 minutes, helping save you money and the environment. Fear not though, this feature can be turned off so you won’t have to flail your arms around every few minutes 😉

It is suitable for usage both indoors and outdoor and offers up to 7sqm of heat coverage. So it won’t heat the whole garden but will keep users within a ~2.5m range nice and warm with the carbon halogen elements.

For peace of mind, you’ll receive a 2-year warranty from Firefly.

Running costs are very reasonable as the adjustable settings (900W / 1800W) means that you can run this heater from just 13.23p per hour.

It has a solid build which offers protection from rust should you wish to leave it outside and why wouldn’t you seeing as it has a superior IP55 ingress protection rating. It also comes with a weighted base and anti-tip protection.

  • Reasonably Priced
  • Superior Weatherproof Protection (IP55)
  • Anti-Tip Protection & Weighted Base
  • Stylish Silver Aluminium Rustproof Design
  • Remote Control & PIR Sensor

  • 1.7m Power Cable

Available in 1 style – Firefly 1.8kW Slimline

Fire Mountain 1.8kW Slimline Heater – Slightly More Expensive, Similar Design, Multiple Colours Available, Same IP Rating
Optima Heaters 1.8kW Tower Patio Heater – Slightly Cheaper, Larger Heat Coverage, Longer Element Life, Same IP Rating

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Veito Blade Series Electric Weatherproof Infrared Heaters

Long-life elements – Great for commercial and home users! – Best Patio Heater Overall

1 Veito Blade Mini 1.2kW Weatherproof Carbon Heater

Veito Blade Mini 1.2kW Weatherproof Carbon Heater

Another 5 star rating for Veito - You can read our review of the Veito Blade Mini 1.2kW Heater with weatherproof ...

2 Veito Blade 2000 2kW Electrical Waterproof Wall Mounted Patio Heater

Veito Blade 2000 2kW Electrical Waterproof Wall Mounted Patio Heater

Looking for a wall or ceiling mounted patio heater? The Veito Blade S2000 could be the perfect solution to your heating ...

3 Veito Blade S2500 2.5kW Electrical Waterproof Wall Mounted Patio Heater

Veito Blade S2500 2.5kW Electrical Waterproof Wall Mounted Patio Heater

Don't buy the Veito Blade S2500 before you've had a chance to read this review. You'll be glad you did!


Fuel Type : Electric | Heat Type : Carbon, Infrared | Power : 1.2kW / 2kW / 2.5kW | Cost to Run : From 8.82p per hour
Features : 
Weatherproof rating IP55, Remote Control, Mounting Brackets
Suitable for : 
Home & Commercial Users
Usage : Indoors & Outdoors – Wall Mounting or Free Standing

The Veito blade series is where we start to get serious about our heaters. These are truly some of the finest crafted patio heaters available on the market. They’re so good, that they’re the heater of choice in the White Desert Camp in Antarctica!

Instead of the traditional halogen or quartz element found in most electric patio heaters, these come with carbon elements. Providing superior shelf-life with an expected life-span of 10,000 hours. Each heater also comes with 4 power settings and a remote control, as well as wall mounting brackets (or an optional free stand)

The weatherproof rating means you can leave this heater outside in the elements all year round without fear of damage. Each heater comes with a 2 year warranty and automatic temperature control and tip-over protection.

A perfect heater for both indoors and outdoors. Great on the patio as well as in the garage, or bathroom! They’re also perfect for commercial users and would make a great addition to any pub, restaurant, smoking area, etc, as the superior element life makes the long-term affordability of these heaters a lot more palatable.

The heat coverage from the Blade Mini starts at 15sqm, up to 30sqm from the S2500!

What’s the catch? They’re moderately priced, with the cheapest Veito (the Mini) start at £180with the S2500 costing nearly £300.

  • 2-Year Warranty
  • IP55 Weatherproof Rating
  • Automatic Temperature Control
  • 10,000-hour Element Life
  • Remote Control
  • Multiple Power Settings
  • Superior Heat Coverage

  • They’re High Quality Products but not the Cheapest!

Available in 3 variants – Blade Mini 1.2kW | Blade 2000 2kW | Blade S2500 2.5kW

Futura Deluxe – Cheaper price with similar specifications

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Fire Mountain 13kW Gas Floor Standing Stainless Steel Outdoor Bullet Heater

A stylish and compact gas patio heater for the home or business – Best Small UK Gas Patio Heater 2017

Floor Standing Bullet Stainless Steel Gas Patio Heater

£299.99 in stock
1 new from £299.99
Amazon Amazon.co.uk
Last update was on: 22nd January 2020 7:13 pm

Fuel Type : Gas | Heat Type : Convective | Power : 5-12kW | Cost to Run : From 95p per hour
Features : Stainless steel finish, Free gas regulator & hose, Adjustable power, Piezo battery ignition
Suitable for : Home & Commercial Users
Usage : Outdoors Only – Floor Standing

If electric heaters aren’t your thing, then this compact yet powerful gas fired bullet heater may tickle your fancy!

Fire Mountain offer a range of both electric and gas heaters, but their gas heaters are out of this world – you may have even seen their living flame heater at your local.

Standing at just 133cm tall this heater will output up to 44,500 BTUs – enough to keep everyone nearby incredibly toasty. The adjustable knob keeps consumption between 5,000W and 13,000W, but this power comes at a price, with the cost of running this heater starting at 95p per hour.

This heater comes with a handy undercarriage that can store a tank up to 11kg (although some people have managed to just about squeeze a 12kg propane tank underneath, we wouldn’t recommend anything over 11kg).

We really like this heater from an aesthetics standpoint, if you’re running a business or just like fire then this heater is for you. It does take a considerable amount of construction time, so buyers beware – if you’re looking for a practical out-of-the-box heating solution, rather than a show stopper then we’d recommend an electric heater instead.

  • FIRE
  • Free Gas Hose & Regulator (Propane)
  • Adjustable Heat Output
  • Stylish

  • High Running Costs
  • Assembly Can Take a While
  • Not as Efficient as Electric

Available in 1 style – Fire Mountain 13kW Heater

BU-KO 13kW Pyramid Heater with Dancing Flame – Similar aesthetic and price, 2.27m tall!
Fire Mountain Living Flame 9.5kW – Larger but less consumption

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Fire Mountain 9500W Pyramid Living Flame Outdoor Gas Patio Heater

Aesthetically pleasing a-frame gas fired pyramid heater – Cheaper to run than other pyramid heaters too!

Pyramid Living Flame Garden Gas Patio Heater - Floor Standing in Stainless Steel - Total Height 221cm - Includes Regulator...

£219.99 in stock
1 new from £219.99
Amazon Amazon.co.uk
Last update was on: 22nd January 2020 7:13 pm

Fuel Type : Gas | Heat Type : Convective | Power : 9.5kW | Cost to Run : From £1.07 per hour
Features : Piezo Battery Ignition, Safety Cut Out, Safety Cut Out, Guarded Reflector, Stainless Steel Build
Suitable for : Home & Commercial Users
Usage : Outdoors Only

This is our favourite pyramid heater on the market. It’s cheaper to run than other a-frame patio heaters and comes with a spare glass tube (which is handy as they are fragile and cost £30+ to replace).

It has an adjustable heat knob that lets you control the consumption up to 9500W (32,000 BTU’s) and comes with wheels for easier mobility, which is handy considering this pyramid heater weighs 25kg!

Other users love this heater and it comes highly recommended on Amazon with 86% of users leaving a 3-star or higher review.

The Fire Mountain living flame patio heater stands at a majestic 2.21m tall and is built from solid stainless steel which offers protection from rusting, although we would recommend purchasing a cover for added protection.

  • Solid & Beautiful Design
  • Adjustable Heat Output (up to 9.5kW)
  • Stainless Steel Build

  • Takes a While to Put Together (2+ Hours)
  • Gas Consumption Costs

Available in 1 variant – Fire Mountain 9.5kW Pyramid Heater

Read our top 5 pyramid patio heater post for more pyramid heaters!

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Futura Deluxe Wall Mounted Weatherproof Garden Patio Heater

Fantastic for Commercial or Residential Users – Suitable Indoors & Outdoors – Best Wall Mounted Patio Heater

Best value 1 Futura Deluxe 2kW Wall Mounted Patio Heater

Futura Deluxe 2kW Wall Mounted Patio Heater

Read our review of the 5 star rated Futura Deluxe 2kW patio heater. Suitable for indoor and outdoor usage, with ...

Editor choice 2 Futura Deluxe 2.5kW Wall Mounted Electric Patio Heater

Futura Deluxe 2.5kW Wall Mounted Electric Patio Heater

This advanced carbon fibre element based wall mounted patio heater is great for commercial and residential users. It's ...


Fuel Type : Electric | Heat Type : Infrared | Power : 2kW / 2.5kW | Cost to Run : From 11p per hour
Features : IP65 Weatherproof Rating, Remote Control, Multiple Power Settings, Wall Mounting Bracket Included
Suitable for : Home & Commercial Users
Usage : Indoors & Outdoors – Wall Mounted – Also Suitable for Bathroom, Gazebo & Ceiling Installation

We love these lightweight wall mounted heaters from Futura Deluxe. They’re incredibly versatile alternatives to the Veito range of patio heaters – as a testimony to this fact, they can provide heat just about anywhere you have access to electricity including but not limited to: Bars, restaurants, terraces, they make great garden heaters, patios, summer houses, gazebos (brackets required), garages, workshops, airports, warehouses… etc etc etc.

These heaters have superb heating coverage and are available in a single element 2kW version, which offers heating coverage up to 20sqm, or a dual element 2.5kW edition that covers up to 25sqm for just £33 more.

They’re affordable and have a superior weatherproof rating of IP65! Also supplied with a remote for controlling the multiple heat options available and wall mounting brackets for easy installation.

  • Low Purchase & Running Costs
  • Multiple Heat Settings
  • Remote Control & Wall Brackets Included
  • Superior Weatherproof Rating IP65
  • 2-Year Warranty

  • Short Power Cable (1.5m)

Available in 2 variants – Single 2kW | Dual 2.5kW

Veito Heaters – More Expensive, Similar Specifications

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Kingfisher 4kW PH300 Gas Table Top Outdoor Heater

An affordable gas fired table top patio heater – Best Gas Table Top Heater

Garden Outdoor Patio Table Top 4kw Gas Patio Heater

Amazon Amazon.co.uk
Last update was on: 22nd January 2020 7:13 pm

Fuel Type : Gas | Heat Type : Convective | Power : 1-4kW | Cost to Run : From 23p per hour
Features : Adjustable heat control, Green powder coating, Comes with gas hose, Piezo Ignition
Suitable for : Home Users
Usage : Outdoors Only – Table Top

Kingfisher are a brand known for their garden and outdoor products. They deal primarily with budget products and we’ve reviewed their no-frills budget wall mounted patio heater before!

If you’re looking for a simple table top patio heater that is affordable and provides nearly 14,000 BTUs, then this heater might be the solution to those cold Autumnal nights.

With an adjustable control knob and piezo ignition, you have complete control over how much you want to spend on gas. This gas fired heater is one of the most economical on the market, with the cost of usage starting at just 23p based on a 12kg tank of gas. (If you’re using a larger tank e.g 47kg this heater can be as cheap as 5.8p per hour – it may look a little ridiculous having such a large tank attached to such a small heater!)

We would expect 4-6sqm of heat coverage from this heater, so somewhat worse than an electric heater. If electric isn’t an option, then  this is a great and affordable alternative!

  • Fairly Cheap to Purchase & Run
  • Powder Coated Finish
  • Hose Included

  • Regulator Purchased Separately

Available in 1 style – Kingfisher PH300 Table Top Heater

Firefly 4kW Gas Table Top Heater – Similar style & output, slightly more expensive
Fire Mountain 3kW Table Top Heater – Less consumption, similar style, slightly more expensive
Firefly 2.1kW Table Top Heater – Electric Alternative, Weatherproof features, Available in 2 styles

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Caloray 2kW Electric Weatherproof Convective & Radiant Wall / Ceiling Mounted Heater

A stylish and unique addition to the home or commercial property that provides either convective or radiant heat! – Best Ceiling Mounted Heater

Caloray 2000 Watt 230 Volt Electric Radiant Disc Heater

£499.00 in stock
1 new from £499.00
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Last update was on: 22nd January 2020 7:13 pm

Fuel Type : Electric | Heat Type : Convective & Radiant | Power : 2kW | Cost to Run : From 29.4p per hour
Features : Weatherproof IP55, Radiant & Convective Heat
Suitable for : Home & Commercial Users
Usage : Indoor & Outdoor Usage, Ceiling Mounted / Wall Mounted

Our original review for the Caloray 2k was featured on their website – we were impressed by the ingenuity behind this heater but the sheer cost of it is enough to drive most people away.

This is very much a set and forget heater, that doesn’t offer much in a way of extras. But if you’ve got the money and want a non-intrusive heating solution for both the indoors and outdoors, then the Caloray 2000 could the heater for you!

With the base price starting at £499.99 and extras costing upwards of £135.99 it’s not the most efficient way to spend your money. But over the course of the 10,000 hour lifespan, you’ll be paying just under 5p per hour before electricity – which makes these heaters a lot more affordable than they first seem.

Each heater will provide between 3m2 (20ft2) and 4.5m2 (25ft2) of heat depending on whether it is used indoors, outdoors or in a partially sheltered area. It offers both radiant heat (if installed less than 9ft away from the ground) or convective heat (if installed above 9ft above the ground). The versatility of this patio heater is outstanding.

Providing 6824 BTUs per disc and consuming just 2000W this patio heater truly is a work of art!

  • Modern & Aesthetically Pleasing
  • Easy to Install
  • No-Glare
  • Low Running Costs
  • Provides Convective or Radiant Heat

  • High Upfront Cost

Available in 1 style /w extras – Caloray 2000 | Wall Hanger | Accessory Hood | Recess Mount Kit


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13kW Gas Stainless Steel Outdoor Floor Standing Patio Heater

An affordable floor standing gas patio heater

Gas Patio Heater 13kw in Stainless Steel Garden Outdoor

£95.99 in stock
Ended: Jun 14, 13:51 GMT
Condition: New
Last update was on: 17th January 2020 1:01 am

Fuel Type : Gas | Heat Type : Convective | Power : 5-13kW | Cost to Run : From 90p per hour
Features : Rust Proof, Can Use Propane or Butane, Adjustable Temperature Control
Suitable for : Home & Commercial Users
Usage : Outdoor Usage Only, Floor Standing

This gas fired heater from Firefly is a personal favourite of ours. It can be frequently seen at pubs and bars across the country and this is due to its resilient rust proof stainless steel design.

It will heat an area up to 19.6sqm – an adequate amount of heat for any outdoor area!

The heater does require some assembly and it’s a 2 man job to get the top on. With a total weight of 18kg, standing at 2.24m tall, this heater is a force to be reckoned with.

Totaling up to 43,000BTUs and supplied with an array of safety features, including a flame failure safety and tilt switch which turns the gas off should the heater tip over or the flame get blown out.

The upfront cost is very reasonable but be prepared to spend a fair amount on gas as the maximum recommended tank size is 11kg.

  • Stainless Steel Design (Rustproof)
  • Packed with Safety Features
  • Supplied with Gas Regulator & Hose (Propane)
  • Transport Wheels & Gas Canister Storage
  • Affordable Mushroom Style Patio Heater

  • Can be Costly to Run
  • 2-Man Assembly

AmazonBasics 13.5kW Gas Patio Heater
Kingfisher PHEATER1 8.5kW Gas Patio Heater
Fox Hunter 12kW Gas Patio Heater

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Prem-I-Air 2kW Electric Weatherproof Parasol Heater Heater

A cheap and cheerful parasol heater with a long power cable and cheap replacement elements – Best Parasol Heater

2kW Parasol Patio Heater

£39.99 in stock
1 used from £39.99
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Last update was on: 22nd January 2020 7:13 pm

Fuel Type : Electric | Heat Type : Radiant | Power : 2kW | Cost to Run : From 9.5p per hour
Features : Weatherproof Rating IPX4, 3 Power Settings, Fold-able Arms, Long Power Cable
Suitable for : Home & Commercial Users
Usage : Indoor & Outdoor Usage, Parasol Mounted

If you’re in the market for a parasol heater then we’d recommend the Prem-I-Air 2kW parasol heater. It comes with 3 adjustable power settings and a 5 metre power cable – most parasol heater cables are 1-2m long but thanks to some foresight by the designers, you won’t be struggling to reach the nearest power socket!

The manufacturers claim a heating area of 4.5sqm which is perfectly adequate for a heater of this size.

Lightweight and with fold-able arms you won’t struggle to install this heater or take it down when it’s time to pack-up.

With a bulb life of 5,000 hours and replacement elements from just £5.20 a bulb this heater costs just £0.015 per hour before electricity and only a third of a penny once the initial elements have blown, making it the cheapest parasol heater on the market for long term use.

  • Fold-able Arms
  • Multiple Power Settings
  • IPX4 Weatherproof Rating
  • Lightweight & Easy to Install
  • Long Power Cable (5m)

  • Lacking Remote Control or Extra Features

Available in 1 style  – Prem-I-Air 2kW Parasol Heater

Firefly 2kW Parasol Heater – Cheaper up front cost, Larger heating area, Available with optional floor stand & wall mount
La Hacienda Heatmaster Popular 1.8kW Parasol Heater – Less consumption, Similar Features, More Expensive
Fire Mountain 2kW Parasol Heater – Similar price, Similar Features

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You can check all our electric patio heater and gas patio heater reviews below!

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