Gas Patio Heaters

There’s nothing quite like a gas patio heater to keep you and your family or clientele warm. The feel of a roaring fire on a cold evening will keep your pub patrons drinking well into the evening.

Due to international stock shortages, our best sellers list may be the best place to find your next gas patio heater.

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Gas heaters are great for parties, receptions, restaurants and other events! Although they tend to be more expensive than their electrical counterparts, they do have a certain wow factor and allure that electric patio heaters just don’t have!

Most gas patio heaters are powered by LPG (Propane/Butane) although there are a few that utilise bio-fuel. Do make sure you factor in the cost of your gas bottles as well as consumption costs before investing in one.

Prices start from around £74.99 for table top gas patio heaters up to around £250.00-£350.00 for pyramid patio heaters up to the low four figures for designer patio heaters.

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