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Carbon Fibre Patio Heater Reviews

Carbon element patio heaters offer infrared heat using a carbon fibre element. These heaters contain halogen gas just like traditional halogen infrared heaters but have an array of benefits over the less efficient halogen bulbs.

These include increased efficiency, providing more heat at a lower output. Making them more environmentally friendly and cheaper to run. They also tend to have an increased heating area and range as well as having a longer life-span (usually 7,000-10,000+ hours).

The cheapest carbon fibre patio heater on the market that we’ve found is the Optima Heaters 1.5kW Advanced Ceiling or Wall Mounted Patio Heater priced under £100!

Most carbon fibre heaters will cost upwards of £200 and can go into the £x,xxx.xx range!

So while they can have a higher upfront cost compared to traditional halogen or quartz lamps, they cost less to run and will require less maintenance, making them worth it in the long run.

Optima Heaters, Veito and Warmwatcher all carry carbon fibre elements as well as some of the Chillchaser range.

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