Ceramic Indoor & Outdoor Heater Reviews

Ceramic heaters are a great alternative to halogen based heaters. They provide a lot of heat and longer lasting elements than their halogen counterparts.

Ceramic heaters tend to be used in commercial settings such as offices, workshops, churches, factories, pubs, clubs, restaurants etc. Although they can be used at home as well to provide heat where gas isn’t available.

Firefly 1.8kW “Black Heat” Patio Heater

Read our review of the Firefly 1.8kW Black Heat patio heater. With advanced weatherproof properties, offering no-glare infrared heat and remote control operation!

Victory Lighting 2kW Ceramic, No Glare, Mountable Commercial Heater

A commercial patio heater that offers so much - Read our review of the Victory Lighting 2kW Ceramic Commercial Heater with no-glare, silent operation and much more.