10 Best Kids Slides for Toddlers, Kids & Babies – 2024 Edition

If your kids are anything like mine then you’ll know just how mental they get when there’s a slide nearby and who can blame them? I’ll happily watch my little ones giggle and laugh for hours on end on these simple yet fun favourites at the playground.

Unfortunately with the Covid-19 still in swing, the playground isn’t accessible for everyone – so why not bring the slide to your garden, or even indoors with the help of our guide for the top 10 slides for kids and toddlers.

These slides would make perfect presents for your little ones and make great gifts for birthdays as well and it’ll help you get through the isolation phase by giving the kids an energy outlet – slides not for you? Then why not take a look at our best trampolines post?

Prices range from around £25 to the mid-high hundreds and free shipping is available for most items within the UK. We’ve checked prices from multiple vendors and we always strive to post the cheapest & best deals on PatioMate. If you’ve spotted an item cheaper elsewhere then please leave us a comment below or on Facebook and we’ll update it here!

Last Updated: 1st February 2024

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10 Best Selling Slides for 2024

Before we get started with our list, here’s the 10 best selling slides for children on the market currently. These slides are great for babies, toddlers and even older kids can take part!

Stocks are limited as everyone is stockpiling entertainment for the long months ahead.

Little Tikes First Slide

#1 Best Seller & Budget Friendly – Available in Blue or Pink

Little Tikes First Slide (Blue/ Green)

£75.90 in stock
6 new from £69.00
Amazon Amazon.co.uk
Last update was on: 20/06/2024 9:51 am

Little Tikes are a well known and highly respected brand in the UK and with good reason. Their products are reliable and built from heavy duty plastic that is lightweight but resilient to the elements and the inevitable knocks and bumps from years of abuse from your kids!

This slide is suitable for indoor or outdoor use and is perfect first slide for toddlers and kids between the ages of 18 months and 4 years.

It comes with a maximum recommended weight limit of 27.2kg so older kids can use it but they do get bored quickly due to the small size… they also have a tendency to run up these ones and I’ve ended up buying two because my 6 year old broke the first one!

Assembly takes just a few seconds and when you’re done playing it folds away for easy storage.

  • Budget Friendly
  • Super Easy Assembly
  • Perfect for Toddlers
  • Suitable for Ages: 18 Months to 4 Years
  • Not Suitable for Older / Larger Children

Little Tikes Large Slide

As Above But For Bigger Kids!

Little Tikes Easy Store Large Slide (Green/Orange)

£89.99 £99.99 in stock
1 new from £89.99
Free shipping
Amazon Amazon.co.uk
Last update was on: 20/06/2024 9:51 am

This slide is similar to the bog standard Little Tikes slide but it’s suitable for larger kids! It has a 5ft slide and has a maximum weight limit of 34kg.

On the undercarriage of the slide is a hole that handily fills with water

The manufacturers recommended age is 2 to 6 years old and it has the same easy assembly and handy flat pack storage once you’re done playing with it.

  • Great For Slightly Bigger Kids – Max Weight 34kg
  • 5ft Slide (152cm)
  • Easy Storage
  • Available in Multiple Colours
  • We Couldn’t Find Any!

Little Tikes Giant Slide

Bigger for Your Budget

Little Tikes Easy Store Giant Slide

£229.00 in stock
2 new from £229.00
Amazon Amazon.co.uk
Last update was on: 20/06/2024 9:51 am

So, this one is a bit on the expensive side, but it is worth every penny as it truly is a fantastic kids slide.

It has a maximum weight limit of 34kg, but I can tell you first hand that it can handle a darn-sight more than that too! I’m pushing 80kg and while the steps bend a bit on a hot day, it can handle my weight just fine as long as the step attachment is secure!

We plonked this slide into our paddling / swimming pool and thanks to a hole on the underside of the bottom of the slide, it filled with water and weighted itself to the it makes for a fantastic water slide too.

More suited to the outdoors due to its sheer size, but if you’ve got high ceilings or are looking for a really big slide, it can be put inside as well.

We do have to mention a slight negative to this slide and that is the design at the end of the slide. It comes to a rather high and abrupt stop nearly forcing the kids off of it. Proper instruction goes a long way to prevent injury and we told them to elevate their feet before hitting the bottom and put some interlocking foam mats at the exit of the slide to stop them from getting hurt!

  • Great for Big & Little Kids
  • Makes a Great Water Slide
  • Max Weight 34kg++
  • Fairly Expensive
  • Poor Ramp Design

Jupiduu Wooden Slide

A Perfect Gift

Jupiduu - The lovely kids slide made from wood (white)

£249.90 in stock
1 new from £249.90
Amazon Amazon.co.uk
Last update was on: 20/06/2024 9:51 am

This wooden slide by Jupiduu is made in Germany. It’s suitable for smaller kids aged 1 to 4.

It’s easy to assemble and would make a great addition to any small kids bedroom. We love the design and the kids will love it too!

The price is fairly high (especially if you’re after the “golden unicorn” gold leaf painted edition priced at an eye-watering £9,990.00) but these hand engineered slides are built from sustainable wood and they’re built to last.

Existing customers include Prince George and his parents Kate & William who opted for the blue slide.

  • Suitable for Children Aged 1-4
  • Fantastic Gift
  • Beautiful Wooden Slide
  • Hand Engineered from Sustainable Wood
  • Very Expensive

Smoby 2-in-1 XL Megagliss Slide

Grows With Your Kids. Our Favourite Slide by Far!


Amazon Amazon.co.uk
Last update was on: 20/06/2024 9:51 am

This extra large modular slide comes in 2 parts converting from a 1.5m slide to a 3.75m slide when your child is ready!

Coated with an anti-UV treatment to prevent damage and colour leakage. Assembly is incredibly easy and the plastic design is very sturdy.

This is by far our favourite slide and is a great deal when under £200. Suitable for ages 2 and up with a maximum weight limit of 50kg!

  • Modular Build – 2 Slides in 1
  • Max Weight 50kg
  • Largest Standalone Slide Under £200
  • Great for Toddlers & Big Kids
  • Expensive When Over £200

Happy Hop 6m Inflatable Water Slide

2-in-1 Dry & Wet Inflatable Slide

Happy Hop 2-in-1 Inflatable Bouncy Slide

Amazon Amazon.co.uk
Last update was on: 20/06/2024 9:51 am

Get your wallet ready as you’re about to be taken for a ride!

This 2-in-1 dry and wet slide from Happy Hop offers 6 metres of bouncy, splashy sliding fun.

The reviews on Amazon are overwhelmingly positive although the price is a bit of a sore spot.

Great for children aged 2 to 12 – and comes with a max weight limit of 90kg!

  • 6m of Fun
  • Doubles as a Water Slide
  • Long Lasting Fun
  • Expensive
  • Not Suitable During Windy Weather

Smoby XL Slide

1 Year Guarantee – 5 Star Reviews

Smoby Slide (Extra-Large)

£327.99 in stock
1 new from £327.99
Amazon Amazon.co.uk
Last update was on: 20/06/2024 9:51 am

If your budget can’t stretch to the Smoby Megaliss then why not grab the standalone XL slide.

Weighing in at 19kg this 2.3m slide can handle users up to 50kg – made from blow moulded plastic and easy to assemble.

Recommended for users aged 3 and up.

  • 2.3m Slide
  • 50kg Max Weight Limit
  • 1 Year Guarantee
  • Positive Reviews
  • Might Be Worth Shelling Out the Extra £30-40 for the 2-in-1

LittleTom Elephant Wavy Slide

Suitable for Kids Aged 1-4

LittleTom plastic Slide wavy chute elephant shaped 153x50x73cm for toddler Yellow Green

Amazon Amazon.co.uk
Last update was on: 20/06/2024 9:51 am

The LittleTom Elephant slide is adorable! It’ll keep your toddler entertained for hours on end with its colourful and engaging design.

Suitable for indoor or outdoor use and with an easy to assemble build, this slide, although not the cheapest on the market is wonderful.

It has a max weight limit of 25kg and it’s weatherproof too.

  • 25kg Max Weight Limit
  • Great for Toddlers
  • Easy Assembly
  • Not Suitable for Larger Kids

Lil’ Monkey Olympus Climb ‘n’ Slide

2-in-1 Climber & Slide

Lil' Monkey Olympus Climb N Slide

Amazon Amazon.co.uk
Last update was on: 20/06/2024 9:51 am

This slide and climber combo has a stress free and tool free construction. Suitable for kids aged 12 months to 5 years old.

What we love about this design is the climbing frame element. It can be used to build a den or just climb and bound through it, building muscle and coordination in your young ones.

It has an easy-store system so you can fold the frame away when not in use and store it under a bed or in a cupboard.

  • 2-in-1 Slide & Climber
  • Suitable for Smaller Kids
  • Flat Pack Storage
  • Kids Older Than 3 Might Be Too Big

BeBop Splash Mountain Inflatable Slide

Money no Object?

BeBoP Splash Mountain Inflatable Water Slide Bouncy Castle

Amazon Amazon.co.uk
Last update was on: 20/06/2024 9:51 am

The wildcard! If you’ve got £500+ burning a hole in your pocket and you want to treat the kids to something outrageous, then why not buy this inflatable duo dry/wet water-slide & climber combo.

I’m guilty and have to admit I purchased this for the kiddos the summer before last and it is an absolute BLAST! It takes no longer than 5 minutes to anchor to the ground and it inflates in under a minute – it’s expensive but the kids go absolutely crazy for it.

Whenever the sun is out i’ll be bombarded with “DADDY CAN WE GET THE BOUNCY CASTLE SLIDE OUT” – and honestly I don’t mind setting it up because it’s not too much of a hassle. Packing up is a little bit more arduous as the pegs are starting to weaken after 50 or so uses but replacements are cheap enough.

Suitable for kids aged 3 and up, with a max combined weight limit of 76kg. Once again.. I can attest to the fact that it will hold much more than this but of course do listen to the manufacturers instructions. We’ve had 3 kids and myself (probably a combined weight of 150kg~) and it holds up just fine.

When sliding dry, it can cause occasional minor friction burns due to the sheer speed that the kids manage to pick up – so long-sleeves and proper preparation is essential.

The water slide feature is quite simple to install thanks to the velcro pads, although it does take some adjustment as the fountains tend to veer off to the side.

I would recommend purchasing a wet vacuum (I have a cheap £20 one) for cleaning and removing any remaining water after using the water slide as it’ll prevent mould and yucky smells from festering.

All in all, if you can afford it and have the space for it, I HIGHLY recommend this slide. Of course, it’s not for everyone and the price is a little on the high side… but after 2 years it’s still standing strong and I can’t see it faultering any time soon.

  • 6.7m Slide
  • Can be Used as a Water-slide or Dry-slide
  • Inflates in a Few Minutes
  • Well Reviewed
  • £££ 🙁
  • Friction Burns When Used Dry
  • Pegs Could Be Stronger

Our Favourite Inflatable Slides

If you’ve got the garden space and the budget, we recommend taking a look at these inflatable bouncy castle / slide combos. They’re definitely on the pricey side, but the kids adore them and they really do last.

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