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Wall Mounted Patio Heater Reviews & Deals

We’ve trawled the internet to find the best deals and have painstakingly reviewed all of the wall patio heaters available so you don’t have to!

Most patio wall heaters use electric and provide infrared or convective heat to the consumer via offer halogen, carbon or quartz elements.

As a whole wall mounted heaters are cheaper than free standing equivalents as you’re not paying extra for the stand.

Budget Wall Mounted Patio Heaters

Prices range from £27-40 for your budget range of wall mounted patio heaters which are suitable for the home, like the Kingfisher 2kW or Livivo 2kW – both of which offer the same 5,000-hour element life and come with an Ingress Protection rating of IPX4.

Mid Range Wall Mounted Patio Heaters

Mid range wall patio heaters are priced between £50-180 – they’re great for commercial and home users and usually come with extras like remote control operation, added heating coverage and timer control.

The Veito Mini, although small and consuming only 1.2kW of power, offers up to 15sqm of heat coverage,  comes with a 10,000-hour element life, remote control operation and is rated IP55.

The Futura Deluxe 2.5kW costs just over half of the mini, while consuming twice as much power. But offers twice the heat coverage, also has remote control operation and has a weatherproof rating of IP65.

Commercial & Top Range Wall Mounted Patio Heaters

If you have a large area that needs heating, or are looking for a wall mounted heater for your pub, club, restaurant or any outdoor (or indoor) space then there are a number of heaters available that provide complete protection from the weather and come with an array of extras.

The Veito 2000 / S2500 both provide excellent heat coverage for under £300.

Optima also offer 2 fantastic commercial heaters. The Edge & Blade.

We highly recommend the Chillchaser Shadow range of wall mounted patio heaters and Victory Lighting range of heaters as well.

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