10 Best UK Chimineas for 2017

Top 10 Best Chimineas for 2017

Autumn is upon us, the nights grow longer and the harvest moon is truly a sight to behold. Spending time in your garden can still be highly enjoyable even with the milder weather.

The cosy amber flames flickering beside you as you rest after work or chill with friends and makes for an atmospheric and memorable evening regardless of the season.

Go get yourself a pumpkin spiced beverage and check out our top ten chimineas to warm your cockles fireside.

La Hacienda / Oxford Barbecues 56135B X-Large Steel Chiminea

Available in 1 style – La Hacienda / Oxford Barbecues 56135B X-Large Chiminea in Black

Prices start at £59.99

The best budget steel chiminea for 2017


Size : 134.5cm tall x 48cm wide – 8.7kg | Build : Steel, with black heat resistant paint
Extras : Grill Pan, Tool & Lid

This distinctive chiminea comes flat packed for ease of assembly. It has been thoughtfully finished in black heat-resistant paint.

The easy to remove grill is perfect for switching from BBQ to a wood fired patio heater in a matter of seconds.

With a diameter of 48cm this chiminea is perfect if you’re short of space on your patio. It churns out heat beautifully considering its size.

Pros : Lightweight, Flat Pack Assembly, Comes with Grill Pan, Tool & Lid
Cons : Prone to Rust (We recommend purchasing the cover)

VonHaus Cast Iron Chiminea – Similar Style & Price, Not as Tall
La Hacienda Sierra Cast Iron Chiminea – More Expensive, Similar Style, Better Build

La Hacienda Murica Steel Chiminea

Available in 1 style – La Hacienda 56063B 136cm XL Murcia Steel Chiminea with Grill in Black

Prices start at £84.99

Size : 136cm tall x 48cm wide – 13kg | Build : Steel, with black heat resistant paint
Extras : BBQ Grill, Rain Lid & Poker | Optional : Chiminea with Rain Cover

This La Hacienda extra large wood burning chiminea is ideal for late night gatherings this season. It comes with a BBQ grill, rain lid and poker so it is ready to go as soon as you get it home and put it together!

The black heat-resistant paint adds a touch of class to a beautifully designed piece of craftsmanship. At 136cm high, it offers a good level heat output and serves a dual purpose as either a BBQ or patio heater – not one to miss for the price.

Users have described this wonderful chiminea as easy to build with precise instructions included and easy to maintain and clean which can only be a plus in our eyes. Another firm pro is that it is lightweight enough to move if needed.

Pros : Lightweight, Flat Pack Assembly, Comes with BBQ Grill, Rain Lid & Poker
Cons : Prone to Rust (We recommend purchasing the cover set)

Castmaster Calico Cast Iron Chiminea

Available in 2 styles – Antique BRONZE Finish | Antique PEWTER Finish

Prices start at £109.95


Size : 115cm tall x 50cm wide – 15kg | Build : Cast Iron
Extras : BBQ Grill, Rain Lid & Poker | Optional : Large Cover

This glamorous and robust Castmaster Calico chiminea is perfect if you’re as in love with the vintage look as we are.

Made from cast iron and finished in antique pewter this chiminea is sure to impress.

The materials used are durable and robust, the nature of cast iron means that it is fast to heat up and radiates more heat than its clay competition.

This design allows for three types of fuels, charcoal, wood or even smokeless fuel.

Pros : Flat Pack Assembly, Comes with BBQ Grill, Adjustable Air Control, Rain Cowl
Cons : Prone to Rust – (Cover Available)

Antikas Mexikoofen Cast Iron Heavy Duty Chiminea

Available in 1 style – Garden Mexikoofen Etera in Black

Prices start at £253.33


Size : 120cm tall x 45cm wide – 50kg | Build : Heavy Duty Cast Iron
Extras : Cover

Another reliable cast iron chiminea which promises to wow your guests.

This beautiful chiminea is approx 120cm x 45cm making it ideal for patio use all year round without the hassle of shifting it out of the way to make space for the BBQ.

Cover included and thoughtfully crafted, this Antikas Chiminea is sure to last for many years to come.

At an incredible 50kg in weight, this chiminea has been built to last. With a heating diameter of 3-4 metres, this is going to keep you and all your guests warm for hours at a time no matter how mild the weather may be.

Each of these chimineas is custom made and as such may differ in style – however, the manufacturer promises free returns if you are unhappy with your purchase.

Pros : Solid Heavy Duty Cast Iron, Custom Made
Cons : Shipping Cost is £47!

Castmaster Alfresco Cast Iron Chiminea

Available in 1 style – Alfresco in Black

Prices start at £135.00


Size : 175cm tall x 54cm wide – 20kg | Build : Cast Iron
Extras : Swivel BBQ Grill, Permanent Rain Cowl with Built In Spark Arrestor

Castmaster doesn’t like to disappoint and they have certainly impressed us this time.

This cast iron chiminea has been finished with a high-temperature protective finish ensuring its prolonged life.

With an open mesh design, this chiminea offers 360degrees of heat output directly from the flame. Also included is a removable 35cm diameter swivel out BBQ grill for when you feel like fine dining in your own garden.

Perfect for roasting chestnuts or toasting your toes all through the colder months.

Pros : Easy Assembly, BBQ Grill Included
Cons : Prone to Rust – Optional Cover

Antikas Mexico Colorado 125 Iron Chiminea

Available in 1 style – Colorado 125 in Black

Prices start at £163.31


Size : 125cm tall x 45m wide – 14kg | Build : Untreated Steel
Extras : Custom Build

This untreated steel and corrosion-resistant Antikas Colorado 125 is perfect for the minimalist.

Weighing only 14kg it can easily be moved or stored. Sleek, stylish and reliable this chiminea is going to look incredible in any setting.

We do recommend purchasing a weatherproof cover with this chiminea as its sophisticated design makes it susceptible to the elements. However, it is guaranteed to churn out heat with the best of them and we must say it looks stunning in the process.

Pros : Stylish, Hand Made
Cons : Prone to Rust – Optional Cover


Castmaster Vineyard Cast Iron Bronze Chiminea

Available in 1 style – Vineyard Cast Iron with Bronze Finish

Prices start at £189.99


Size : 137cm tall x 50m wide – 80kg | Build : HEAVY DUTY Cast Iron
Extras : Removable Grate for De-Ashing, Fire Grate & Guard, Rain-Cap

Are you enamoured with vineyards and the idyllic Italian countryside? Bring a little of that splendour home with this sensational Castmaster Vineyard Chiminea.

As with all castmaster products you can burn charcoal, wood, coal or smokeless fuel. At an astonishing 80kg, this solid cast iron chiminea is built to withstand a considerate amount of use.

Finished in bronze coloured heat-resistant paint this chiminea does not fail to add a touch of opulence to any home.

Some minor assembly is required but in fairness, the chiminea is extremely robust and comes in solid pieces, unlike many others on the market.

Pros : Heavy Duty Cast Iron Build, Comes With Extras
Cons : Might be too heavy for some!

Toledo Jumbo Cast Iron Bronze Chiminea

Available in 1 style – Toledo Jumbo Cast Iron with Bronze Finish

Prices start at £219.90

The best cast iron chiminea for 2017


Size : 146cm tall x 52m wide – 44kg | Build : Heavy Duty Cast Iron
Extras : BBQ Grill, Rain Lid, Hinged Air Vent, Tools

The Toledo Jumbo Bronze Chiminea is not to be scoffed at, it comes with an outstanding 5-year guarantee and is our favourite chiminea for 2017!

This chiminea will be many peoples first choice with all the great features and the added protection of the guarantee making it a very worthwhile expense.

There is a swivel BBQ grill included for ease of culinary endeavours. At a whopping 146cm high and 53cm in diameter, this chiminea is going to keep you cosy throughout the seasons.

The whole family could carve pumpkins around this bad boy without anyone being left out of its flickering warmth.

Pros : 5-Year Guarantee, Bronze Finish, Plenty of Extras, Free Shipping
Cons : We don’t have any!

Gardeco Natural Terracotta Mexican Clay Chimineas

Available in 18 styles & 3 sizes! We don’t dare list them all so just click here to get started!

Prices start at £159.99 – Large | £219.99 – Extra Large | £229.99 – Jumbo

The best clay chiminea for 2017

Size : Varying Sizes | Build : Clay
Extras : Safety Matches Included, Clay Lid, Steel Stand – No Assembly Required, Free Shipping

Made in Mexico these chimineas come in a variety of shapes and sizes – perfect for those of you looking for a particular finish or design!

If you’re out in the garden raking leaves or frolicking about in them this is a perfect way to warm up.

There is no need for a roaring fire, the clay itself becomes hot and radiates heat. Burning wood and heating itself in this way means it will produce very few ashes so is overall easier to clean than its cast iron and steel competition.

Supplied with a clay lid, steel stand and matches. Best of all, no assembly required!

Pros : Free Shipping, Steel Stand & Feet, No Assembly Required
Cons : They are very heavy!

La Hacienda Skyline

Available in 1 Style – Black Painted Steel with Wood Store

Prices start at £109.99


Size : 150cm tall x 36cm wide | Build : Black Powder Coated & Painted Steel
Extras : Wood Store

If you’re hoping to impress hoards of family over the colder seasons this is the chiminea for you.

The La Hacienda Skyline doesn’t duck out on its statement making abilities. With a feature piece like this everyone will want to gather at your house.

The Skyline Steel Chiminea has a built in log store, adding to its function and somehow harmonising both rustic and modern in a tasteful timeless way.

Thoughtfully designed using matt-black heat-resistant powder coated steel, this robust chiminea is going to turn heads and warm butts.

If you’re fond of the night sky like we are, just imagine sitting around this whilst looking up at the bright beautiful harvest moon.

Pros : Free Shipping, Laser Cut Design
Cons : Prone to Rust – Cover Available

The Bonus Wildcard – Clay Pig Chiminea

Available in 1 Style – It’s a pig!

Prices start at £229.99

Size : 88cm tall x 48cm wide x 85cm long | Build : Clay
Extras : BBQ Grill

Not included in the original 10 as this is very much our wildcard!

If none of the above does it for you? That’s okay because Gardeco has you covered, this little fella will deliver heat, barbecues and still look as friendly as the day he was sculpted.

Made in Mexico with precision, this fun little piggy is a talking point with a purpose. He comes complete with a steel stand, instructions, BBQ grill and matches so you’re ready to go as soon as you get him home.

Bringing home the bacon has never been so much fun with your new little pig friend there to help you out this season.

There is nothing to squeal about this Autumn, PatioMate has you covered!

Pros : Free Delivery, Unique Design, BBQ Grill, Can Burn Wood or Charcoal
Cons : Prone to Rust – Cover Available

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