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This stainless steel patio heater by Fire Mountain is a fantastic gas heater for commercial or home users. It’s sure to keep you warm in the colder months and it really is a work of art!

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Sleek and stylish and packs a whallop! Firefly on fire as usual 😉

Featured as the best gas patio heater for 2021!

Firefly 13kW – Stainless Steel Bullet

This is a fantastic gas patio heater, suitable for both the home and commercial user – offering between 5000-13000W of adjustable power at your fingertips.

With an outstanding 44,500 BTUs this is by far one of the most powerful patio heaters available on the market. Beating out the larger heaters like the Living Flame. Standing at just 133cm tall, sure it’s small but it’s not the size that matters, it’s how you use it right? 😉

Perfect for pubs, restaurants or even for the more intimate encounter at home.

We saw this heater on the 17th of June 2017 at which time it was priced at £199.99. During peak summer months, it tends to go up to around the £250-300 mark, so try to get it when it’s cheap! 

It comes with a free hose and regulator, however users have noted that the undercarriage only carries tanks that are 11kg or smaller! This means you’ll be paying more for gas in the long run vs heaters that accommodate 15kg+ tanks.

How long will a gas tank last in the Firefly 13kW Bullet heater?

These figures are based on usage of your patio heater at full power. You can expect some variance depending on ambient temperature and wind etc

Tank (KG) Hours
3.9 3.6
4.5 4.15
5 4.62
6 5.54
7 6.46
11 10.15
13 12
15 13.85
19 17.54
47 43.38

How much does the Firefly 13kW Bullet heater cost to run?

A bottle of 11kg propane patio gas from Flogas costs £27.16. This patio heater will use approximately 1kg of propane per hour at full power (13000W)

We calculate the hourly usage as follows:

13000W heater running costs (per hour):

11kg / 1kg = 11 hours
£27.16 / 11 hours = £2.47

At full power (13kW) we can expect this patio heater to cost us approximately £2.47 per hour and last 11 hours.
At half power (6.5kW) we can expect this patio heater to cost us approximately £1.23 per hour and last 22 hours.
On its lowest setting (5kW) we can expect this patio heater to cost us approximately £0.95 per hour and last 28.6 hours.

So if we were to run this heater for 3 hours a night at full power you’d need to replace the tank every 3 days!

Do bear costs in mind when running heaters like this. If you need 44,500BTU’s of heat. Then great this patio heater will do the trick! Otherwise it would be financially prudent to invest in an electrical patio heater instead.

Is this patio heater suitable for home or commercial use?

The bullet is great for both home users and commercial users. Although I’d say it’s more suited to the commercial user due to the sheer upkeep costs and refill costs! Most people wont have 2-3 tanks of gas lying around.

Heater Specifications

  • Type of heater: Gas – Propane / Butane
  • Suitable for: Home Users & Commercial Users
  • Comes with:  Propane regulator & tube
  • Height: 135cm
  • Diameter: 46cm
  • Power settings: Adjustable 5000-13000W
  • Features: Piezo battery ignition, Tilt-Safety cut out, Stainless steel
  • Cost to run (per hour):£0.95 – £2.47 per hour

PatioMate’s Thoughts

8.2Expert Score
Firefly (Heatlab) 13kW Stainless Steel Bullet Patio Heater
Compact and powerful but expensive to run!
Purchase Cost
Running Costs
  • Incredibly powerful
  • Visually appeasing
  • Piezo battery ignition
  • 5000-13000W variable setting
  • 44,500 BTU's - up to 30sqm heat coverage
  • Expensive to run
  • 11kg max bottle size

As with all other Firefly products, you’re buying a heater that has been tried and tested. It’s incredibly powerful but that comes at a cost. Minor assembly is required and it can only fit an 11kg gas tank. It looks nice, and will keep your clients incredibly toasty.

Running costs are high, but the initial outlay is pretty affordable.

They should have made it just that little bit taller to squeeze the larger tanks in, especially with the gas consumption rate. But aside from that there are no obvious faults and you definitely get what you’ve paid for.

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13kW Bullet Gas Patio Heater Stainless Steel by Heatlab®
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Specification: Firefly (HeatLab) 13kW Stainless Steel Bullet Gas Patio Heater



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Firefly (HeatLab) 13kW Stainless Steel Bullet Gas Patio Heater
Firefly (HeatLab) 13kW Stainless Steel Bullet Gas Patio Heater


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