How to Permanently Remove Weeds From Your Patio

Whether you’re a novice gardener or an avid green thumb I think we can all agree that weeds are the bane of any patio or paving area in a garden.

Unsightly sprouts of green poking out from an otherwise meticulous space can be frustrating to say the least, especially when you think you’ve finally gotten rid of them for good and they suddenly poke their ugly tethers back out from between the stones.

Here are PatioMate’s top tips for removing the unsightly green beasts for good.


Anti-Weed Sand


Weeds grow from seeds falling into gaps between paving rather than from growing up from underneath, unfortunately this does little to lesson the difficulty of effective removal.

A good method of prevention is to ensure when laying a new patio that you avoid giving seeds any gaps in which to grow. Proper drainage will also add to preventative measures since weeds love a cool damp environment.

We highly recommend using Bostik Self-Hardening patio filler to prevent weeds from developing in the first instance or once you are rid of weeds it is a well rated method of preventing re-growth. It comes in two colours, natural or grey so is sure to suit most patios.

Hard Graft


Another technique to prevent regrowth is to sweep regularly, this will help brush away any new seedlings before they have a chance to establish themselves, a hard garden broom will do the trick, we found a fantastic budget option here which comes with a whopping 10-year guarantee!

Be sure to purchase the correct handle size for your height, sold separately.


Tackling Existing Weeds

Effective weed removal depends on several factors but the key is to remove every trace if you want to lessen or prevent their return completely. The best ways to do that include a specially built weed broom used in combination with a pressure washer and weed killer.

This three pronged attack along with using the above prevention methods should reduce if not stop weed regrowth entirely. For the sake of total removal and prevention we highly recommend investing in quality equipment to save you wasting money on endless weed removal sprays and tools down the line if you have a re-occurrence.

Firstly you’ll need to remove the larger weeds, this can be done easily with a specially designed weed brush.

You can purchase the handle for it here

Secondly you’ll need to tackle any remnants left behind and smaller weeds, for this we highly recommend a pressure washer.

This serves two purposes, it will remove any remnants of the old weeds you just brushed away but cleverly it will also blast those tiny weed seeds into oblivion giving your patio a nice fresh start while you work on the final stage and begin your prevention program.

This is crucial as any seeds left behind when you add filler may begin the entire cycle again and thus ruin all your hard work so far. You can find several well-rated pressure washers here:

Budget Option

Long-Term Option

Once you are fairly sure you have gotten rid of any trace of the weeds within the local area, it is time to attack once again, just to be sure they are never coming back.

Final Course of Prevention

This is where we bring out the weed killer. We chose a weed killer that can be used in the same garden a child or pet may use provided they aren’t exposed to it until it is dry.

Once your weed killer has had time to dry it is time to head back to the prevention route, you’ll want to fill any gaps in your patio or paving area so that there is simply no where for the seeds to go.

An innovative and time effective way of doing this is to use an environmental sand, you just brush it into any gaps and away you go.

Back to enjoying your weed free garden, this time forever.

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